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Becoming an Out & Out Brand Champion

If you have a passion for furniture and interiors then becoming an Out & Out Original Brand Champion will give you access to the latest new products and benefits for being a part of our journey. We’ve built Outandout.com by using the internet to bring new product ideas to you, faster. We’re a brand who likes to challenge and disrupt the way things are done - our Brand Champion program aims to do just this. 

By becoming a Brand Champion we will give you our products so that you can review, critique and share your positive experience about them with a review video. You will gain access to brand new collections that have not yet reached our online store and the benefit for us is that we get valuable feedback on the new collections before we start promoting them. 

On our existing items we'd look to get from you ideas of how to improve the products and what you would have changed if you had been the designer. We'll take that feedback and if its commercially and technically viable to do, we will look to impove those products and credit you for the feedback that initiated that change.

Over time, your video reviews will get more clicks and new customers may end up buying furniture as a direct result of the review you have made, if this is the case, we will give you a commission on the value of the sale. With the power of the internet that is an easy thing for us to do as we can check who has bought with us after viewing your video review on our YouTube channel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?
Every month we are launching new collections and when we do so, it's really important for us to get feedback on them as quickly as possible. We will email you with these items and if you think they have a place in your home, we'll send you the furniture for you to create a video review of the item which we will then post to our YouTube channel. We may ask for a deposit from you which will then be refunded in full as soon as we've received your video review.

What furniture will I receive?
We will contact you with our latest new collections and you can confirm to us whether they would enjoy a place in your lovely home. If you would be interested in receiving the item(s) then you simply need to reply confirming this and any other questions you may have and a member of our customer service team will contact you to make arrangements. 

What should my video review look like?
We ask that all Brand Champions conduct themselves in an honest and polite manner, as we would all expect to be treated. Your videos can take place in your home and must meet the following criteria:

  • 1 - 4 minutes in duration
  • Must champion the product and show the products features and benefits
  • Must take place in your home or where the furniture will be used
  • Must be polite and not contain anything that could be deemed offensive or not related directly to the item in review

How do I send you my review?
This is really simple, you just go to www.outandout.com/review-upload and upload your video and still photo of the item you're reviewing, once we've received it we will check it and upload it to our YouTube channel and website within 72 hours. As soon as you've uploaded it, you will be refunded any deposits you've paid within 24 hours. 

Can I keep the furniture?
Yes you can keep the furniture as long as it has a place in your home. In the event you want to discard of the furniture, please contact us and we will collect it from you. Under no circumstances are you permitted to resell the furniture.

How do I earn commissions?
If a customer clicks on your review on our YouTube channel and subsequently orders from us, you will receive a 2% commission on the value of the order. It is in our best interest to reward Brand Champions who positively influence our new customers and build a long lasting partnership with you. Your review may also be posted on the product page of the item you've reviewed further enhancing the possibility of your review being watched. 

I love this idea and want to get started, how do I sign up?
Just fill out the below form and we will add you to our list of Brand Champions, we'll start contacting you for insight in the coming days.


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