A Buyer's Guide To Wooden Garden Furniture

Posted by Out & Out on 14th Feb 2022

A Buyer's Guide To Wooden Garden Furniture

A Buyer's Guide To Wooden Garden Furniture

Which wooden garden furniture to buy

Transform your garden into the perfect outdoor hub with wooden furniture for dining and relaxing. Wood is an instinctual choice when investing in designer garden furniture. Furniture can look classic or modern and can complement every garden style.

Types of wooden furniture

Woods used in the garden need to stand up to a lot of weather. The most highly prized wood is teak followed by keruing and closely followed by eucalyptus. Look out for reclaimed teak garden furniture, as this premium-grade teak is one of the most sought-after materials for the garden for its originality and durability.

Fall for reclaimed teak garden furniture

Teak contains natural oils and chemicals that can stop it rotting, which is why it’s the perfect wood for outdoor furniture. You’ll discover designs made from both new and reclaimed teak (also known as recycled teak).

When purchasing, remember the rule of thumb - wood will last as long as it took for it to grow. New teak which you can spot because it has an almost-white colour within it, grows fast and is of lesser quality. For the best performance and appearance, opt for teak that’s been reclaimed or recycled. You will need to invest a bit more, but it’ll more than pay by lasting a lifetime.

Try beautiful hardwood garden furniture

Eucalyptus is also a hardwood and is naturally oily and rot-proof. It has an attractive finish and is a great value. Keep an eye out for fantastic sustainable Brazilian eucalyptus that’s FSC certified.

The Parsons 8-seater dining set shows the strength value in Eucalyptus, allowing you to get a lot of product at a very affordable price. Choose both garden living furniture and outdoor dining furniture in wood for enduring style.

Also consider useful pieces such as benches and loungers, coffee tables, recliners and deck chairs made from premium woods.

Choose the right style and size

Wood can be used to create furniture that suits every type of outdoor space, from a tiny balcony to a rolling lawn. When it comes to balcony furniture, pick folding designs which are sleek and space efficient. Always intent on purchasing furniture that can be tucked away neatly when summer’s over. Stacking designs are also a winner if you need to move the furniture out of the way to make the most of your outdoor space. For a designer style, choose pieces that mix materials.

How to pick high-quality wooden garden furniture

Use our checklist to ensure you buy the best wooden garden furniture – made from top quality raw materials and constructed to last:

- Opt for designs with several substantial wood components and visible hardware – a good indicator that chairs are solid and well-constructed.

- If you’re picking armless chairs, be aware of how they’re made. If a chair has only one or two connections between the legs and backrest, the tiny construction can weaken the chair.

- If you’re investing in recycled or reclaimed teak, be aware of the distinction between an aged look created for character, and premium quality older wood. If in doubt, always ask your supplier.

- Look at the cushions. Your cushions should be well filled so you can sit outside for as long as you would on your indoor furniture. Also, check that your cushions are UV stabilised to maintain their good looks.

- Additionally, go for machine-washable cushion covers that can be zipped off and on so they always look their best.

- Lastly, pay attention to any furniture frames. If they’re metal, look for strong corrosion-free aluminium so your buys will last.

What colours and finishes are available on our eucalyptus hardwood garden furniture?

The most popular finish for wooden garden furniture is standard linseed oil with a small amount of natural brown pigment to stabilise the variations in the colour of the wood grain.

This finish is ideal for those looking for a good value finish that requires basic maintenance. A good example of this is the Parsons Dining Set, which comes with a natural cream colour cushion as standard. This kind of finish can simply be sanded down each season and re-applied using standard linseed oil which can be purchased from any DIY store.

Why not opt for a vintage teak-look finish exclusively from Out & Out?

That's right, we are officially the first UK retailer to introduce a vintage teak-look finish on FSC hardwood that looks and feels like vintage teak but comes with a much more modest and humbler price tag!

We have introduced a brand-new range of furniture to showcase this new finish - luxurious Belgrave Garden Lounge Set. This finish will naturally turn silver/grey like teak over time and we would recommend covering the furniture when not in use using one of our included fitted furniture covers for added longevity.

If you want to re-apply the finish, you will need to sand down the furniture to the original wood grain and then purchase a "teak look" outdoor oil from any DIY store.

Maintaining wooden garden furniture

Reclaimed teak and natural teak are an easy-care option for garden furniture. Its natural properties will protect it, and the sun will create an ultra-desirable silver patina over time. If you prefer to retain the golden finish of teak garden furniture, simply sand and re-oil with teak oil. Eucalyptus and Keruing wood garden furniture are equally as simple to look after.

Eco credentials

Regulations prohibit the importation of illegally deforested wood but look for an FSC accreditation. FSC wood comes from managed plantations, so you can be sure you’re not contributing to deforestation (FSC wood doesn’t cost more, so you won’t need to pay a premium for your furniture, either).

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