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5 tips to help choose the perfect dining table

5 tips to help choose the perfect dining table

At Out and Out we believe that the dining area is one of the most important spots in the home, a place where friends and family can come together to discuss their lives over a delicious meal or bottle of wine. Within this article, we will discuss the points you might want to consider when choosing your dining table. 


Bring the family together with some of our larger table options. First up is our Oakland Oak Dining Table, which measures 180cm in length and can seat up to six people. This contemporary and stylish table is perfect for families, as well as hosting guests for dinner parties. Made from a sturdy white oak veneer, this is a design that has been built to last.

Whether you’re having dinner, playing board games or using it for work purposes, the Oakland is an extremely versatile design and the minimalist style lends itself well to a wide range of dining chair styles.

A similar design to consider is the Scottsdale Oak Dining Table, which also measures 180cm and can seat up to six. This style is made from a white oak knotty veneer and features birch core legs, which are extremely durable and hard-wearing materials. 



For compact homes, you might want to check out our Parquet Round Dining Table, measuring 120cm. Creating the perfect centrepiece to any dining space, the Parquet can be easily pushed into a corner when not in use, making it ideal for smaller rooms. It can accommodate up to four people and is a practical yet stylish option. Made from MDF with white oak veneer and solid white oak legs, the table is a classic but affordable design.


If table size isn’t an important factor in your decision-making, perhaps the material is. Depending on your budget, you can choose between tables that are made from oak or MDF. If you’re looking for an investment piece that is slightly more formal in design, opt for one of our oak tables, whilst if you’re looking for a more casual style and one which is great for families with kids, our MDF option might be more suitable. Our MDF styles are easy to keep clean, so whether you’re using it for family dinners, catch ups over coffee or kids homework, this table will be perfect.

Size and Shape

Depending on your home's design, we have a range of table shapes and sizes. Some of our dining tables are statement-making and will create focal points in a room, including our Shelton Oak Dining Table. This design, which is available in 150cm or 180cm and features a contrasting oak tabletop and painted black legs, brings traditional charm and industrial design together. As the style looks quite bold with its dramatic black legs, it tends to suit larger rooms, whereas the 150cm Herringbone Oak Dining Table has a slimline and simple design, making it more suited to smaller rooms and open-plan kitchens. Whilst the circular Parquet table tends to suit smaller homes, our rectangular options are also suitable as they can fit against walls and in corners. The Herringbone is also available as a larger 180cm design.


Complementary to the Dining Chairs/Bench

All of our dining table designs are well suited to our wide range of dining chairs and benches, due to their minimalist style. You can choose to either mix or match, for example our Brunel 166cm Bench, which features black legs, perfectly matches both the Oakland and Shelton tables. For a luxurious, contrasting option consider our vibrant Aria Velvet Chairs in Blue or Green

We also stock a number of rattan chairs, as well as some ergonomic designs, which are ideal for whiling away the hours at dinner parties.

It is completely up to you whether you opt for a dramatic and contrasting look or a more minimalist design scheme, as depending on your chosen house decor, both will look equally effective.Image


In conclusion to this article, we would recommend observing your available space first and then deciding what aesthetic you want to convey with your furniture. With our varied range of options, there will be a design to suit your chosen style, whether that is contemporary and minimalist or more dramatic and industrial.

To shop the entire Out and Out collection, of over 300 designs, please click here.

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