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How to clean your fabric sofa

How to clean your fabric sofa

Ah, sofas. We sit on them, cuddle upon them, let the kids crawl all over them and constantly tell the dog to get down from them. They're the focal point of our home and always offer comfort after a long day behind a desk. 

And because they're such an integral part of our day, they can be one of the first things to get filthy dirty. After investing so much time and effort into choosing your sofa, it can be really disheartening to see it covered in dirt and dust. Thankfully, with Out & Out's sofa and armchair range, there's always a cleaning and care solution available. 

So, rather than give up on keeping the living room furniture clean, read these tips and tricks to get that long-overdue sofa maintenance complete. 

The Cleaning Basics 

You know the drill. Whether you settle in for the evening with a heap of crisps and dip (and a few biscuits), or you end up feeding the kids their dinner on the fabric sofa, the settee is something that's truly lived on, and unless you're living in a show-home, it tends to see a lot of action. 

To keep your upholstery in good condition, make sure you're regularly vacuuming or brushing the sofa lightly to remove any unwanted debris. For example, if your sofa fabric armchair features visible wooden details and has been pre-treated with oil, it may dry out and interfere with the look of the design. However, you can easily maintain the wood and chair legs by finding a suitable oil at the store and treating the area. This will keep your sofa in tip-top condition, so you won't have to rely too much on regular deep cleanses. 

What to Do If You Spill?

Spills happen. Probably more often than we'd like to admit. From accidental dinner drops to hot tea accidents, it's easy to spill something on the sofa, but not always so easy to mop it up without causing a stain. 

The Slouchy 3 Seater Sofa is not only super comfortable and soft, but it's also pretty easy to clean if it gets grubby. Every cushion has been created using a triple-layer compression system, so you know that comfort is on the cards when you sit on this beauty. After a spillage, immediately wipe away excess liquid and use a paper towel to soak up the excess. Once that's done, use a clean, well-wrung cloth to wipe up the stain. If you still see a stain after that, use a gentle cleaning solution that's suitable for upholstery, testing it on a usually invisible part of the cover before slathering it on your stain. 

The best part? If you're still struggling to budge the mark, removable cushion covers can either be hand washed or placed on a very light washing cycle to make sure the stain is gone for good. Easy! 

Easy Tips and Tricks

Whether you've got the dark grey Guarda 3 Seater Sofa or the Portland Beige Velvet Armchair, keeping your sofa and armchairs clean is a priority - especially if you want to elongate its life. Here are some tips and tricks that will help:

1. Try Baking Soda

If you're tackling a big stain immediately and don't have the recommended cleaning agents to hand, you could always give baking soda a go. Always test the soda on your couch fabric first to make sure it's suitable, and then sprinkle it dry on the stain and leave it for about 20 minutes before brushing away. If you're working with a deep stain, you can always mix the baking soda with a carpet cleaner for extra impact. 

2. For embedded stains

If you're struggling to lift the mark, you can create your own concoction that will help lift the issue. Mix together:

¾ cup of warm water

1 tablespoon of dish soap

¼ cup of vinegar 

For synthetic upholstery up the mixture to one cup of warm water, ½ tablespoon of dish soap and ½ a cup of vinegar. 

Mix all the ingredients together, pour the lot into a spray bottle, and spray directly onto the stain. 

Another way to get the grime gone is by beating the cushions outside and leaving them to dry in the sunshine. 

Get the Professionals In 

If you're feeling defeated and the stain won't lift, you can always hire a steam cleaner, which can be used on most upholstery except suede. 

However you decide to keep your couch clean, make sure you always check the care label first, follow the instructions, and if you feel confused, you can always contact the Out & Out in-house designers on support@outandout.com for extra guidance.

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