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Why your dining set doesn't work for your space

Why your dining set doesn't work for your space

When creating a dining room, making a simple mood board to play with colours, fabrics and furniture ideas, will help determine if what you have in mind is going to look good in the grander scheme of things before you splash out and make mistakes which are costly to rectify.

Often somethings don’t quite feel right in rooms, be it the wrong fabric, paint colour or style of furniture.

When it comes to the dining room, the dining set is the star of the show, so if that is off, the space simply won’t ‘work’. But there are ways to resolve design dilemmas, with a few tweaks to your decor scheme.

Let’s assess a few design mismatches and the solutions

Reorganise your dining room layout

You’ll be amazed to realise how by simply moving your furniture around, it will instantly change the look and feel of the space. Maybe the dining table is on the wrong side of the room, pushed against the wall, or just put where you thought it should be without trying it out anywhere else. Try more than one angle when arranging furniture and when the dimensions look right you’ve found the right position.

The wrong shape for the room

The UK is full of quirky, historical buildings, which might mean awkwardly shaped rooms. Bay windows, nooks, crannies, coves and recesses can all pose a design challenge.

A round dining table in a longer narrow space, or a rectangular dining table in a large open space can create a sense of structure. Consider the light coming in and what colour to paint the room. Try painting all the woodwork and walls the same colour for a sense of seamlessness and colour flow and see how that immediately transforms your dining room.

The wrong table top

Is the table top the wrong style? Wood, glass or high gloss table tops will transform a space, but each style choice will have a completely different effect in the room. Glass can help make a space feel lighter, if wood isn’t creating the desired effect. High gloss contemporary style tables will add clean lines, and appear fresh and modern as well as look luxurious.

Mix and match furniture can sometimes work when looking for quirky interesting pieces, but within limits. If you want to mix and match see which designs work together and which pieces might clash.

To assist those who need some guidance we’ve created style bundles. Our furniture bundles and sets are designed to bring a sense of cohesion to your interior space and are ready to go.

There might be too much furniture in the dining area or it might be to stark. Adding some textiles will make it feel more cosy.

Experiment with different fabrics and pattern choices that are practical for your family needs as well as in keeping with your chosen colour scheme.

The wrong fabric for your dining chairs

If you have a very modern kitchen and a glass table, adding velvet dining chairs will bring texture to the space, as well as adding a splash of colour and luxury. The Erika upholstered velvet padded dining chairs are perfect for cosy corner dining areas. Or go for these beautiful fabric dining chairs

If you have children, a wise idea would be to opt for our super cool resin chairs. They look so refined, yet are easy to wipe clean, for child friendly dining room furniture. Faux leather is another win win, for the same reason.

Furniture that is too big or too small

If you have a smaller dining space and want to make the room feel larger, try a high gloss dining table, such as the white Alpine High Gloss Extendable Dining Set with taller legs so that you can see more of the floor space underneath. Whilst round tables, such as the Avery 120cm Round Dining Set, with four beautiful wood and resin chairs in black, light grey, or fresh, cheerful teal, will take up less space.

If you’ve not got much room to play with, bring your dining table to the centre of the room. Add a console table to the wall area, buffet or complimentary furniture piece for a tasteful room dressing. Which will make your room appear bigger and create a focal point.

Colour schemes set the right tone

Colour is so important, so it may be that the colours used do not compliment the rest of the room. Have a look at our extensive collection of colourful Astrid Dining Chairs in all sorts of colours from soft pink or glamorous emerald green. Why not try removing some pieces of furniture to determine if ‘less is more’ works better for the space. The Astrid Glass Dining Set with white resin chairs is an ideal option if so.

The Storm leather dining chairs, part of our industrial modern collection, with a bar stool and a wooden dining bench, would work well in a cool warehouse or contemporary loft setting. A lil herringbone always looks good, as does the Astrid Dining Set, which includes the Out and Out flagship herringbone dining table with six with contemporary grey chairs, a great focal point for any space. Have a reshuffle and rearrange your furniture until you get your dining space just right.  

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