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3 ways to create a holiday-inspired balcony

3 ways to create a holiday-inspired balcony

When the sun is shining it is natural to want to escape to a back garden or balcony retreat, and it’s possible to do so with relaxation-inducing décor. Certain patio sets have subtle features in their design that provide that carefree, breezy feel every balcony needs. Whether this is through soft, curved shapes, pastel hues, or design ideas that originated in other countries, it’s possible to create a holiday destination in your own outdoor area.

Although this article is going to share advice for those with a smaller garden or balcony area, these Out & Out furniture sets make for a beautiful addition to all outdoor spaces, big or small.

Escape to Turkey

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Turkey is rich in culture, the food is delicious, the beaches are beautiful, and the people are friendly. If you’d love to unwind in a grand Turkish resort, consider opting for the ottoman. Originating in Turkey, the ottoman is described by Britannica as a “deeply upholstered seat of any shape, with or without a back”, and was a common piece of domestic seating, before later becoming a footstool. The Ripley Armchair with Ottoman provides rusticity through its rattan structure, reminiscent of rustic Turkish villages. The Ripley is deeply cushioned and perfect for basking in the sun. The armchair is uniquely shaped with curved lines, and its sofa-style seating is a popular choice to create a holiday feel.

The Curved Furniture Trend

Circular shapes are known to have calming qualities because of a lack of sharp jaggedness, and therefore can be very pleasing to the eye. This interior design hack is especially useful in the garden for a holiday-inspired look and is very relevant during a time when curved furniture is on-trend. Rounded shapes soften a space and the mood you are looking to create, assisting in the unwinding, leisurely process that all holidays should provide. It can also be considered as a statement decorative piece and could be linked to the rich artistic culture of Italy. Curved seating composes a space in a more creative and musical way, helping the area to elegantly flow from one section to another, which is aesthetically both stimulating and beautiful.

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To achieve this look and feel in your garden or on your balcony, we suggest the Pod Rattan Balcony Set in Grey. Its compact and comfortable design is perfect for smaller outdoor spaces, and the chairs’ curvature enables you to feel encapsulated and safe (a feeling of safety is key to real relaxation). Its cool shade inspires memories of sitting by a turquoise pool, eating a holiday breakfast with freshly squeezed orange juice or an early morning coffee.

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This customer review image complements the Pod’s high-quality materials and demonstrates how the set really stands out in an outdoor space. Although photographed without its cushions here due to a rainy day, they offer unmatched comfort and are easy to keep clean.

Vacate to Luxury

If you love luxurious holidays and want to recreate one on your balcony, look no further than the Cebu Balcony Set.

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Cebu’s thick cushions offer a sense of ultra-indulgence, and provide the luxury escape you’re looking for. Designed with durability in mind, this set will stand the test of time – as all quality furniture should. Their wicker detail makes for a stylish and low-maintenance build, so you can relax and enjoy the summer sunshine. Comfort combined with a contemporary aesthetic creates an inviting, sophisticated balcony set, suitable for relaxing in this season’s heat, reading your ‘staycation’ book and perhaps sipping on a refreshing homemade cocktail!

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The above customer review image truly encapsulates the summer evening essence of recharging on a holiday-inspired balcony with a loved one. Enjoy the view in contentment, watch the sunset, savour midsummer meals, or even productively get some work done on a cushioned Cebu seat and circular table.

Whether you have a smaller garden/balcony area or not, use these décor tips to fashion your very own holiday destination in your back garden. These three design styles of rusticity, contemporary, and luxury are sure to refresh and uplift any outdoor space, and the right patio and balcony furniture will create the same mood of restfulness of a summer holiday.

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