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6 bedroom styling mistakes you're making

6 bedroom styling mistakes you're making

Your bedroom should be a place to relax and sleep in, but something as simple as the wrong bed placement (and of course bed) can ruin the whole spirit of your surroundings. Let’s take a look at some easily made bedroom styling mistakes and how to rectify them for a perfect cosy haven.

1. Too bold a colour 

Bedrooms should be a calming retreat, a place to escape to at the end of a long day. Minimal, neutral colours tend to work better for bedroom styling, as too bold a colour might activate the mind too much before bedtime. Opt for soothing pastels, beiges and taupes or warm greys, and layer with textiles for a sense of lux.

2. Wrong size bedside tables

Looking for the perfect bedside table? Our modern bedside table designs are just the thing if you want to give your bedroom a stylish makeover. Compliment your boudoir with matching bedside tables on either side of the bed, which will look elegant and streamlined and actually make the room look bigger.

Daily rituals, such as turning on a bedside table lamp, or reading a book in bed, should feel comfortable.  

Our Aspen Oak Side Table is perfect size wise to fit your books, lamps, or beautiful ornaments. Its retro design and tapered legs will complement any decor style, and comes in two colours. A brown rustic oak effect or classic white. Made from manufactured wood with durable melamine coating. Alternatively, our contemporary Brooklyn Black side table is perfect for smaller spaces. Not too high and not too low.

3. Wrong bed placement

The bed should be the focal point and main element in your bedroom design, and then everything else around it. A good place to position a bed is usually the centre of the longest wall in the room, to give the room focus, as it is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. 

What is the first thing you see when you walk into a bedroom? It’s usually the bed. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you find the perfect bed placement that works for your space.

A badly planned layout can make a room look smaller or feel off putting, so experiment with the different options until it feels ‘right’. Feng Shui practices refer to the perfect ‘command position’ for the different bed placements and how it can affect your sleep patterns. However, judge your own instincts, and since it’s your sanctuary, make it your luxury space.  

4. Not making the most of mood lighting

Set the mood with lighting, a very important element in interior styling which can affect our emotions. Don’t only light your bedroom from above with just the one main overhead bulb, but rather add layered lighting to create a warm ambience. 

A mix of bedside lamps, candles at different heights, on mantles and tables, as well as dimmer switches and even different coloured bulbs, will create just the right atmosphere. Our Morom Pendant Floor Lamp made from sustainable bamboo, creates the designer look, in sleek black or white, or for a Scandi feel, a natural wood finish.

5. Choosing the wrong size bedside rug

The size of your bedside rug matters. As a guide, the length of your rug should be at least the width of your bed, for the ideal size. In the same way, ill fitting blinds or curtains is a major no no, a rug should be appropriately and proportionally sized. Opt for an oversized area rug that fits under your bed, and still juts out on all three sides, especially to add a sense of space for a small bedroom, and more importantly, to give your feet a soft landing.

6. Not maximising the use of space

Optimise space in your bedroom and keep it clutter-free with under the bed storage. Our solid pine Franklin Bed with memory foam mattress, generously sized pull out drawers and cubby cube, is ideal for a guest room or childrens bedroom. Make the most of wall space and go bold with a statement headboard. 

Sometimes we tend to neglect making the bedroom as beautiful as the other rooms in our home. E.g, more public spaces such as the dining room, living room and kitchen, take centre stage and have more detail. Treat yourself to the best when it comes to bedroom furniture, after all it’s where we spend about one third of our lives.

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