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Why you shouldn’t be afraid to inject colour into your home

Why you shouldn’t be afraid to inject colour into your home

Choosing a ‘magnolia’ or ‘eggshell white colour scheme for your living space might seem like the sensible option, but for a thoroughly modern look this summer season, interiors are all about colour. 

After a dreary few months of sober news stories and lock-down homeschooling woes, what better way to brighten up your outlook than with an on-trend, vibrant colour scheme for your home. It’s the perfect way to inject your personality into your space and make a splash with some truly unique interior styling choices. 

Of course, bright, bold colour choices might feel good in theory, but when it comes down to it, you might be a little scared to swap the dove grey for a bit of popping pink. Thankfully, the colour theory wheel can help. It’s a simple artistic science that makes finding complementary colours a cinch. 

Whether you choose contemporary home furniture in a sumptuous racing green shade or you delve into maximalism with hints of gold, here are the tips you need to get your colour party started. 

What’s the Best Way to Approach a Colourful Home?

First things first, there are no real right or wrong choices. It mostly comes down to personal preference. But if you feel like experimenting with a splash of colour here and there, you could mix up the usual order of things. 

Typically, most people plump for an off-white ceiling and a pattern wallpaper or colour painted wall. However, for a thoroughly modern look with a summer styling edge, an accent ceiling or some painted woodwork will introduce colour into your space without it overwhelming. 

If you’re an inner maximalist at heart, you might want to paint one room one bright colour, from the skirting board to the ceiling — keep it all the same. It will feel wholly immersive and undoubtedly modern too. Once you’ve picked out the colour, you can then play with the furniture you choose to complement it. 

If you’ve opted for a darker shade to enhance the look of your room, you could balance things out with a comfy, neutral-toned Ruben 2 Seater Sofa. The sleek, stylish design will add a luxe edge, and there’s a colour to suit every interior decorating choice. 

What Colours Work Best in the Living Room?

When choosing a colour scheme for the all-important living room, take a good look at the size of the space. Anything too dark will make the room look smaller. You might also want to pay attention to the way the room is facing. If it’s a south or west-facing living room, it’ll probably get a lot of natural light, and you can lean towards colours with a warm undertone like yellow, beige, orange and pink. If you prefer a crisp look, you could try grey and light blue. 

To give this kind of decor some depth, pick home furniture that has some texture to it. For example, the Slouchy 3 Seater Sofa is seriously comfortable yet looks genuinely chic. Choose a velvet finish to add to the cosy look and feel of your room. 

In an east or north-facing living room, you’ll experience a cooler light, and it won’t feel as warm. To balance this darker edge out, choose warm-toned hues like pink, gold, orange and yellow to encourage a cosy look. If the thought of pink or orange terrifies you, pick out a grey that has a hint of pink at its base. 

Colours to Explore Right Now

Bright Blue

If you’re looking to liven up your home with an uplifting, energetic shade, bright blue will do it. And you don’t have to slap turquoise on everything to feel the effect. Use the blue on door frames and doors to add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room. 

Light Greens

Anything sage-like is on-trend at the moment. From apple green to a very pale shade, pair your green with muddied, light neutrals to contrast perfectly. Wooden textures will give you a natural edge, and your television will look gorgeous perched upon the sumptuous looking Aspen Oak Sideboard


If you’ve been reading an interior magazine of late, you’ll know all about the trend for yellow. The sunny shade can lift a space and give it a fun, light edge. It can work perfectly with grey interiors, and deep mustard works beautifully in a traditional looking living room. Crisp, modern home furniture like the Nova White Sideboard will stand out in the best way against a yellow backdrop. 

Can colour be scary? Of course. But can it also be fun? Absolutely! Whether you pick out a bright shade for your walls or keep things simple with a hint here and there, you’ll instantly update your interiors with a splash of colour. 

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