​Garden Lounge Sets - Kingston vs. Santorini

Posted by Nicola Ferlei-Brown on 8th Aug 2022

​Garden Lounge Sets - Kingston vs. Santorini

Read this article if your garden is lacking in lustre and you are looking for the ideal outdoor lounge set.

Is there anything more luxurious than being able to lie back and relax in one’s garden on a comfy outdoor sofa, with a cappuccino or homemade summer cocktail in hand?

At Out & Out, we specialise in sophisticated garden lounge sets for flexible living, and refined quality at affordable prices. Let’s look at two of our luxury 4-seater outdoor lounge sets, the Kingston and the Santorini.

Similar in style, and offering modular furniture layout options, they also vary. Let’s assess the specs and features of each set, so you best choose the right one for your lifestyle.

Santorini – Lounge Set with Side Cushions

It’s all about flexibility! This furniture set not only looks fantastic but it offers so many different ways to recline and unwind. As it’s modular, you can switch the furniture around to create one or two luxurious chaise lounge options, to relax in the sun alone or for two people to relax side by side.

The ottomans and sofas can be moved around to create a more sociable scene of two sofas facing each other, with the coffee table in the middle. Ottomans are a game changer, as they can be used to create a day bed, with one ottoman placed in front of the sofa, as well as doubling up as coffee tables, or simply as footstools or seats.

The lovely Santorini set is made of a resilient powder-coated, aluminium frame, and comes complete with one left-hand sofa, one right-hand sofa, one coffee table and two handy ottomans.

Decisions, decisions! You can choose between a blue or grey Santorini set. The blue comes with a white frame, and the grey comes with a black frame, with matching matte blue or grey polyspun cushions, in durable weatherproof garden upholstery fabric. The cushions are not only extra comfy but also hardy, specifically intended for outdoor lounge sets, so will last longer and cope with the great outdoors.

If you are looking for something with a slightly more rustic feel, then the Kingston Modular Lounge Set is an excellent choice.

Kingston – Modular Lounge Set

The Kingston Lounge Set comes in one colour, a lovely soft neutral light shade of grey/stone. It can be rearranged to form one long sofa, two chairs with footstools, or a leisurely chaise lounge. This set includes two extra comfortable rattan chairs, two ottomans, and premium quality, tempered glass coffee table.

Offering a cosy, classy texture for your garden, it’s made from high-quality artificial resin, in a rustic rattan style effect. In other words, it’s hassle and maintenance-free, owed to its materials, similarly to the Santorini set, and has large foam polyspun cushions.

The Santorini set has a more contemporary frame and look, with clean lines, and a more minimal, mid-century feel with the wooden slats detailing on the sides of the sofa’s frame and coffee table. Whereas the Kingston set has a glass table if that’s something important for your overall design scheme.

Both sets offer full-on comfort, Out and Out quality, and come with removable cushions, a custom-fit furniture cover, and a one-year guarantee. 

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