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3 ways to make your bedroom more zen

3 ways to make your bedroom more zen

September is here: time to get back to reality after the summer, the evenings are drawing longer and getting cooler, and going back to work, or school, or off to university means that growing pains are being felt all over. So, in the spirit of bedding in for the autumn and winter, there’s no better time to invest in your bedroom. In what feels like the second January of the year, now is the time to create a cosy, serene bolthole to retreat to for some much-needed seasonal rest and recuperation.

Read on to uncover Out and Out’s top three methods of making your bedroom fit for a relaxing night’s rest.


The main function of a bedroom is, of course, to provide a safe and relaxing space to sleep – although facilitating a restful slumber goes beyond a good mattress. Clothing and other items strewn around can subliminally increase stress levels, so organisation is extremely important. 

There are plenty of beds which incorporate storage into their design; Out and Out’s own Franklin bed draws on Scandinavian efficiency with its simplistic drawers and cupboards and natural pinewood finish.

Speaking of the bed, this piece of furniture should serve as the pivotal point for the flow of the room, being the most significant element, with storage fitting in around it. Therefore, slimline pieces which are unobtrusive to the user, yet pack a punch in terms of storage capacity, are beneficial. Sideboards aren’t just for the dining room – our Dallas and Memphis sideboards would sit perfectly, even in a small bedroom, flush to a wall or auxiliary to another piece of furniture to maximise storage options. Out and Out’s Phantom storage cabinets provide an alternative to this with a smaller spatial footprint.


The bed is, of course, the mainstay of comfort in the bedroom, so investing in additional blankets and pillows or upgrading your sheets is a sure way to foster an atmosphere of rest. Adding in more upholstered furnishings to a bedroom can help elevate a sense of calmness too, such as adding in a long, low couch at the base of the bed (if it is a double bed) like our Adam two-seater sofa. Adding in this feature also injects an element of opulence and luxury by giving alternative pieces of furniture to use for lounging purposes. 

Lighting is the facilitator of ambiance, thus exclusively using the ‘big light’ can really affect the mood of a bedroom – it can be a pervasive and altogether not very functional method of lighting this type of room. Instead, dot table lamps – like our Morom desk lamp – around for a more muted atmosphere. 

For a modern reimagining of traditional ceiling-mounted fixtures, opt to hang lamps – like the Room9 small pendant lamp – at desk lamp level either side of the bed. Light can be used to softly zone activity areas, so try this technique in an alternative way entirely by suspending a lamp above a reading corner or dressing table for task lighting.


When the function of a bedroom is considered less literally, the space is about recharging in whatever context is personal to you, as well as a good night’s sleep. So, try to add elements into the space that facilitate your hobbies and passions.

It has been scientifically proven that your home office space should be, at least by some measure, separate from your sleeping space in order to allow for full relaxation. However, desks can be used as stations to indulge in relaxing activities like makeup application and writing when posited in a bedroom. Out and Out stock a range of desks perfect for these purposes; our favourites include the Oslo and Chester desks.

Constructing a reading corner can help zone even a small room, so consider adding a comfy armchair to your space. Our Slouchy armchair is ideal for cuddling up on a cold evening with a hot beverage and a good book, as is our Lorna modern rocking chair

Any of the Cloud sofa modules we stock can be utilised on their own, too; as a contemporary take on the classic chaise lounge if opting for an end module, or simply as a temporary extrusion of your main sofa if you already have this set elsewhere in your home. Don’t be afraid to split them as and when to optimise the use of modularity.

Even the smallest changes to a bedroom can massively improve your relaxation and wellbeing, give some a try this autumn.

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