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5 style tips to transform your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary

5 style tips to transform your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary

Spring is tantalisingly close yet, as the plummeting temperatures and snow storms have reminded us these past few weeks, Winter is still in its final throes and has not yet released us from its icy grip.

A combination of the grey outlook and the uncertainty of when this latest lockdown will finally be lifted means a quiet space to retreat to has never been more desirable!

Transform your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary with a few simple styling tips and you will have the perfect place to relax and restore.

Finding Balance

When thinking about restyling your bedroom, first consider the furniture you want and need, then think about the spatial layout to create the optimal flow around the space.

Feng Shui techniques guide you in placing furniture and decorative items in harmony with nature. Following the rules may or may not bring you luck as some people believe but it will create a more welcoming feel and create a better flow of energy around the space.

To create balance in the bedroom, position the bed opposite from the door, against a solid wall. If that’s not possible, just try to avoid any positioning that puts the bed directly in front of the door or beneath a window. Make sure to have a bedside cabinet on both sides of the bed and a solid headboard, ideally bare wood or upholstered.

Thoughtful interior styling will further enhance the flow of the room. That doesn’t mean everything has to “match”, as long as all the elements of the design work in harmony with one another. Linking accent colours in fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and carpets will tie everything in. If you have naked wood, try to ensure all pieces are the same tone too.

Look for unfussy designs such as the Phoenix White Bedside Table whose ample drawers mean everything can be easily stored away, banishing cluttered surfaces. Also available in chic black.

Indulgent Textiles

Once you have the furniture in place, the addition of sumptuous fabrics will create instant comfort and warmth.

Soften the edges with luxurious velvets, chunky knits and tactile jacquards for throws, cushions and blankets.

Team this decadence with simple, natural textiles such as cotton, linen and knitted fabrics. A simple yet comfortable chair, with brocade cushions and velvet throw for example, offers a welcoming retreat to curl up with a book.

The George Armchair’s thick bouncy cushions are not only supportive but are incredibly soft, making it an ideal choice for a cosy bedroom layout. Available in a range of colours and coverings including knitted fabric, textured fabric and velvet, you can choose which will fit your specific bedroom styling the best.

Tranquil surroundings

There are many ways to create a cosy ambience, from a full remodel or simply with the addition of the right accessories.

If you are looking for a whole new scheme, opt for a wallpaper with bold patterns and strong colours like turquoise, mustard, purples and yellows - a major trend for 2021. Choose imagery which brings nature indoors like huge leaves or exotic landscapes.

If you’d prefer not to paper the entire room, there are some gorgeous mural wallpapers available for covering a feature wall. These busy designs will give a less stark and more intimate feel than plain walls can offer.

Lighting is key to setting the right ambience. Lamps will work better for creating a relaxed atmosphere. Think about placing a floor lamp behind your cosy chair, offering just the right light to read by and leaving the rest of the room only partially lit. Bedside lamps are ideal for exactly this same purpose too.

Choose lamps and other accessories with warming colours such as copper tones or natural wood and try to unify them all with the same accent colours and materials.

The bulbs you choose are just as important as the lamps themselves. A little bit of science for you, the lower on the degrees Kelvin scale, the softer the light emitted - so go no higher than a 3500K bulb for a lovely warm glow.

Using sustainable bamboo, the contemporary design of the Morom Modern Desk Lamp would sit perfectly next to a nature-inspired wallpaper and is an ideal choice for the bedside of a cosy boudoir. Also available, a matching pendant lamp shade for the main light in the room. 

Feel rested

Not only do you want your bedroom to be a place for peace and relaxation, it is of course the place you retire to every evening to get a good night’s sleep too.

For that reason, the bed is a pretty important consideration. It should be solid so it doesn’t rattle and shake and you don’t want any creaks and squeaks coming from the bed itself or the mattress either. Take the time in choosing the right mattress, there are many options and it’s a personal choice as to which one will suit your needs.

Another important factor to getting a good night’s sleep is the temperature. Heavy curtains and a fluffy duvet will keep you cosy all night long. Thick carpets or rugs will keep toes warm and will also act as soundproofing to reduce outside noise coming into your peaceful space.

As well as the styling advice for creating a relaxing bedroom, here are five more tips to getting a good night's sleep: 

  1. Keep TVs, tablets and other screens out of the bedroom.

  2. Reduce caffeine late in the day.

  3. Have a regular bedtime and wake-up time.

  4. Play white noise or peaceful sounds of nature.

  5. Take a relaxing bath before bed.

The Pocket Memory 800 mattress by Eden Sleep, made from 100% recycled components, features 800 individual pocket springs, offering complete support and the perfect night’s sleep. The addition of a luxurious 25mm layer of memory foam ensuring comfort and a medium level of firmness. This comes in single, double and king size or choose the 1000 or 1500 for varying levels of firmness.

Whether you opt for a few tweaks or a full redesign, you can create a cosy bedroom – the perfect space for some much needed “me time”.

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