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6 tips for buying a modular sofa

6 tips for buying a modular sofa

In the world of furniture, the future is modular. Modular furniture has been revolutionising our homes since the middle of the 20th Century, with designers like Poul Cadovius and his inspired Royal System wall shelving, and Bernard Govin’s Asmara sofa. The prevailing popularity of modular solutions isn’t without reason; items that fall into this category make extremely effective use of small spaces, and alternatively make larger spaces more versatile. Modular pieces transform interiors seamlessly from daytime to night-time, from working to relaxing to hosting, over the course of a single day. Modular furniture makes bespoke, made-to-order fittings accessible, without breaking the bank.

If you’re interested in owning a piece of design history that will keep this timeless interior solution as popular as it deserves to be, Out & Out have a new product for you: ‘The Cloud’ modular sofa. Read on to find more information on this new product, and how to acclimate it into your home. 

The Cloud comes in a range of velvet and knitted finishes in both cool and warm neutrals, as well as brighter shades, to suit every taste and aesthetic. It’s worth getting your hands on some fabric swatches prior to making your decision and placing your order, to ensure you’re getting a good match between your new pieces and your existing space. These can be ordered free of charge from our website.

Cleaning and Care:
When choosing your finish, always make sure you refer to the cleaning and care information found on the sofa listing. This will help you make an informed decision based on practicality (knitted fabrics may be more hard-wearing than velvets, for example). These will also help you understand what to expect in terms of maintenance to keep your pieces looking their best when your Cloud sofa arrives in your home.

The Cloud modular sofa comes in several different individual components for you to mix and match to achieve your desired sofa, so it’s worth taking some time to analyse these and their possible configurations in your home. Remember: they’re not static, and are designed for you to be able to move them around as and when. For example, a double seater sofa with two ottomans– one for leg elevation, and one for extra seating– becomes two different individual chaises when pulled apart. The possibilities are endless, but where do you start? Consider your existing sofa; do you want to stick with your current seating capacity, or upgrade to a roomier option? Do you want to stay with your current configuration, or change the shape entirely, to a corner sofa or linear layout?

If you’re unsure, or simply want to see the individual pieces in context, check out the Cloud set combinations here. These can also be purchased as they are in sets, to take the guesswork out. Feel free to order a few key pieces, with the view to continue to build your sofa in the future, too. Building a suitable seating solution, brick by comfortable brick, is easy on your bank balance and prevents surplus furniture from going to waste as well.

Whatever you decide about your layout, ensure you have the space by measuring and mapping out how your new pieces will fit to avoid any possible confusion on delivery day. Make sure to check the product pages for accurate measurements, and take note of corresponding sofa dimension diagrams. 

Add-on extras:
If you’re sticking with a two-seater for want of space, perhaps your coffee table could be relocated or minimised in favour of adding a Cloud ottoman onto your chosen setup. This will give extra space for elevated lounging and increases a sense of at-home luxury (modern-day chaise lounge style). The ottoman can obviously easily be moved away from the main sofa too, for additional seating. Combined with other elements, it could even double as a small spare sleeping area if needed for overnight guests; that is the beauty of the modular setup, after all!

If you choose to bring a Cloud sofa into your home, we want to hear your feedback. Reviews help us to hone our range of furniture and decide what to stock based on the people who buy our pieces. The Cloud is a new release, so this applies more than ever!

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