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8 ways ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ can inspire your home office

8 ways ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ can inspire your home office

Some films are seriously iconic. So iconic that they influence our style and how we dress our home. The Devil Wears Prada is one of those films. Read this article to recreate a home office as chic as Miranda Priestly's. 

Since its original release in 2006, The Devil Wears Prada has continued to leave its mark on those who watch it. From quotes we just can't forget (Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.) to that memorable phone throw — there's a moment that everyone loves. 

But it's the interior design that's caught our eye. Runway, the fictional high-fashion magazine that Andy, the film's protagonist, joins, is filled with modern furniture, swivel chairs aplenty and interior styling that's, of course, fabulous. The contemporary furnishings and clean design still look fresh, and you might want to recreate it for your home office. And thankfully, you can. 

If you're looking to give your WFH area a lift and revamp your office furniture with a Devil Wears Prada spin, from a console table to a new bookshelf, we have eight tips and all the furniture you need to transform your space fashionably. 

1. A Chair for an Editor 

If you plan on spending any length of time sitting at a desk in your home office, you need the chair you sit at to be a) comfortable and b) ergonomically sound. And if you're looking to style your interiors with a Devil Wears Prada approach, the chairs you choose need to be super slick and stylish too. 

The Piper Swivel Chair in Grey Velvet offers the perfect combination of comfort and style. The plush grey velvet gives a simple home office a luxe edge, and the rounded backrest will keep you cosy even on your longest workday.

2. Make Space for Meetings

We might've spent the last year living in a Zoom-only world, but real-life meetings are starting up again. If you want to invite guests into your workspace, some comfy chairs that people can kick back on will help them relax and unwind.

Make like Miranda and choose a grey style that looks both sturdy and professional. The Lana Leather Look Chair combines chic neutral tones with premium brush frames — perfect for those all-important decision-making meetings. You could also slot the Storm Comfy Leather Chairs into your space as an alternative the editorial team at Runway would approve. We love the leather-look finish, which reflects sheer style and class. 

3. Keep Things Transparent 

There might be many underhand and devastating dealings going on in the Runway office, but at least they keep their doors transparent. Transparent glass doors will really open up your office space and give you more to look at than just a boring wall. 

4. Keep Things Crisp

White furniture will always give a home office a crisp white finish that's super chic and hard to compete with. Plus, it's super functional and easy to clean too, which is great if you hate the feel of a cluttered area. The Vola White Sideboard has a high-fashion feel and a functional edge. Offering closed and open storage, pile up your magazines and file away your essential paperwork. 

5. Dress the Part

Working from home can sometimes mean staying in joggers until noon and keeping the slippers firmly on, but if you're taking your inspiration from fashion's favourite film, it's time to fix up and look smart. Of course, you don't need to reach for a suit or a blazer, but a neat, tidy appearance often encourages productivity and professionalism. Miranda would certainly encourage it. 

6. Self Reflect

Whether you're dressing for yourself, for a Zoom call or a big client pitch, having a mirror in your office gives you a chance to keep yourself looking tidy as the day wears on. The Button Oak Mirror is handmade and has a stunning black finish that will give the room a chic feel. Because if you want your office to emulate that of a fashion magazine, a mirror is essential. 

7. Choose your Desk

If there is one piece of office furniture that's essential, it's a desk — it's where you'll spend most of your time! Go for a retro but modern look and choose the Chester White L-shape Desk. Can't you just see Miranda sitting at it, surrounded by high-fashion photography and the latest accessories? The Chester desk gives you plenty of space to work, which is important if you're building an empire. 

8. Hide Clutter

Nothing hinders productivity, quite like clutter. An untidy space almost certainly leads to an untidy mind, and you want your office to fuel great things. You can easily stack up baskets full of unwanted cables and paperwork on either The New York Black Console Table or the Washington Grey Console. And you can put photos of loved ones on top, too, to keep you motivated when you're having an Emily-before-Paris style meltdown. 

So there you have it. If you're desperate for a Devil Wears Prada-style revamp, now you know exactly what you need to help you do it. 

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