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How to achieve the Scandinavian look in your living room

How to achieve the Scandinavian look in your living room

Perfect for Spring, Scandinavian interior design is fresh, light, and uncomplicated. If it is important to you that your lounge area is a sanctuary and exudes calmness, providing a mindful and quiet space, then Scandinavian is the style for you!

What is the Scandinavian Interior Style?

Scandinavian style developed during the early-mid 20th century and flourished particularly in the Nordic countries. It comprises interior and furniture design that epitomises clean lines, simplicity, functionality, modernity, and minimalism. This design movement celebrates nature and promotes sustainability through the use of natural materials, allowing the outdoors to seep in by incorporating organic shapes, natural light, and neutral colour palettes.

Top Three Scandinavian Staples:


The term “less is more” is the underlying tone in all aspects of Scandi-design, and colour palette is no exception. A Nordic-inspired palette is characterised by neutral colours like whites, creams, greys, and browns, offering a fresh, natural aesthetic.

To keep the overall feel of your living room soft and soothing, try not to go white with absolutely everything. We suggest that you might paint your walls white but combine other neutrals in the rest of your furniture, textiles, and accessories. Once you have a foundational neutral palette, incorporate something contrasting but still within the concept of nature, such as a warm ochre or a soft sea green.

The Guarda Armchair is beautifully uncomplicated, functional, and stylish, and it comes in 13 nature-inspired colours. It offers an easy way to include a contrasting and subtly brightening colour to your living room, and it is anchored with light oak legs, rounding off its structure in a Scandinavian style.

Paler woods such as pine, beech, and light oak are typical Scandinavian furniture materials – they help in the process of bringing the outdoors in, and offer a deeper connection to nature. This being said, don’t be afraid to also incorporate rustic-looking metals like brass and copper, as it adds a reflective element to the room whilst still feeling very natural and simplistic.

Sleek, modern, clean-cut, and smooth are all signature characteristics of Nordic furniture styles. Soft curvature mixed with gentle linear elements is a common aesthetic in Scandinavian design.

Functionality and purpose should always be considered when designing a Nordic lounge area, for example, the Out & Out Dakota White TV Unit has lots of useful storage and is absent of complexity, making it perfect for minimalist enthusiasts.

Layer Your Textures/Textiles

A neutral palette and hard wood furnishings by themselves can feel slightly bare and as if something is missing. Use warm and interesting textiles to juxtapose the denser materials (like wood) and to make the space feel cosy and comfortable. Continue the theme of nature-inspired materials through the use of sheepskins, wools, and cotton. Tactility helps us relax so try to incorporate lots of different textures.

Layer throws and cushions on your sofa but try not to clutter up the space. You may use these accessories to incorporate your contrasting colour, as mentioned earlier, but consider the effects they have on your colour palette as a whole by standing back and asking yourself if it works.

Grey is elegant, sophisticated, and perfect when looking to achieve the Scandinavian aesthetic. It compliments and lends itself to a variety of colours for when it comes to choosing an accent colour. Find joy in pairing grey with cushions, rugs, or any other accessories in colours taken directly from nature, like mineral blue or burnt orange.

Accents and Accessories

Breathe life into your living room by incorporating plants, flowers, and other greenery – this will help tie together the use of earthly elements throughout the room. A classic Nordic aesthetic should manifest necessity and shouldn’t consist of too many decorative items – think about establishing just a few staple accessories.

A common trend in Scandi-style spaces is lots of natural light and big open windows that allow the light to pour in. Whether your living room windows are large or not, accentuate them by stripping back the surrounding area. Avoid filling up your windowsill with objects and use lighter curtain fabrics.

Side tables are a great way to accessorise within the Scandinavian “guidelines”. They offer a practical use as well as a place to display plant life and other interior accents. The Lucia Grey Side Table is round in shape, and its aesthetic softens and simplifies any space.

All in all, simplicity is at the forefront of every aspect in a Scandinavian living room. An interior makeover of this kind offers a contemporary and sleek, but snug space to wind down in and feel closer to nature.

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