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#OutandOutAtHome - Cloud Modular Sofa Review

#OutandOutAtHome - Cloud Modular Sofa Review

I began my case study on modular furniture in this previous article by stating “the future is modular”; my education in interior design has convinced me of its merits in theory. However, now, as the new owner of a set of modular furniture, I can attest for it’s practical merits firsthand.

The Cloud Modular Sofa by Out and Out is the perfect example of what modular pieces should be. Obviously, its adaptability and maneuverability is what distinguishes this archetype of furniture from traditional static solutions. Each segment is well-made yet surprisingly light, and can be moved by one person with ease.

Possible configurations are only limited by the shape and size of the space you have available. My rather small flat has an awkward-shaped kitchen/dining/living room, and still the sofa can offer a variety of seating variations.

The L-shaped layout is how it’ll stay for the majority of the time, given its supremely cosy corner primed for remote working and evening unwinding.

However, the ottoman and center seat module combined away from the left and right seat modules becomes a suite consisting of a particularly plush chaise lounge and three seater sofa.

Alternatively, by moving the ottoman piece and adding some sheets it becomes an almost-full-sized double bed for guests – a benefit I hadn’t considered until it landed in the room.

You could even place a sturdy, large tray on the ottoman and it would double as a coffee table and footstool in one when separated from the other pieces, which then become a four person sofa when placed in a row.

The finer details, once the modules have been arranged to your liking and you can use the piece for the first time, are apparent. Slow compression cushions offer support and comfort, and are easily detached and reattached via a velcro attachment system for transport or cleaning.

Not that the latter will be needed too much, given the sturdiness of the upholstery. I opted for knitted beige which is pleasantly softened up and contrasted by adding blankets and throw pillows. The range of fabric upholstery options means there’s something to suit any and all spaces.

The Cloud being from Out and Out gives it added benefits beyond its clear physical merits. Their 5 year guarantee and 30 day comfort trial means you have flexibility – always reassuring given the purchase of a sofa is a significant household investment for many. 

Their being made to order means that the segments are more sustainable than factory-listed sofas sitting in warehouses waiting, and allows the company to carefully manage its supply chain, keeping its carbon footprint small.

The Cloud Modular Sofa from Out and Out is an adaptable and sturdy seating option, accessible to buyers of all budgets and space thresholds, and I would highly recommend it.

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