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Top tips to help you style your dressing table

Top tips to help you style your dressing table

A perfectly proportioned piece of furniture, the Leighton dressing table with mirror comes complete with roomy drawers to keep clutter hidden away.

It’s incredibly easy for your vanity to become a cluttered eyesore, spoiling the overall look of your bedroom, but follow our top tips and your dressing table will be transformed into a centrepiece of style and sophistication.

Your dresser should be both beautiful yet functional so choose one which complements your interior styling and has clever storage options too.

To create the perfect blend of form and function for your vanity unit, simply follow these useful style tips. 

Apply Accessories

Your vanity should be a place that makes you feel good so use it to display items that put a smile on your face.

A photograph of loved ones, a souvenir that reminds you of a happy memory and a favourite houseplant are all items to consider including.

Arriving in this place every morning will help you to start your day well - feeling joyful and uplifted and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

An illuminated mirror will also add a touch of glamour as well as helping to light up your chosen items.

Illuminate your dressing table accessories with the sleek Taylor dressing table with LED mirror. The handy inbuilt shelf offers extra storage space while the drawers hide away anything you prefer not to have on display. 

Play Around with Scents

Scents are an essential part of setting the mood and your dressing table is the ideal space to play with fragrances to create the right atmosphere.

The right scents for you will depend whether you want to feel energised, joyful, calm or relaxed.

You can try adding fresh cut flowers, a reed diffuser, essential oils, scented candles, room sprays or even your favourite perfume or signature scent. Applied individually, or selecting a combination, will fill the room with delicious aromas.

Pausing to take some time for yourself is so important in today’s hectic lifestyle and your vanity can be the perfect spot to do just that. Filling the space with fragrance will help to create a sanctuary you can escape to. It will be a place not just for getting ready every day but also for taking a breath and offering yourself a little peace and pampering.

The understated and contemporary Emerson Dressing Table offers a great backdrop for your choice of scents and the useful shelf is the ideal spot for storing your unlit scented candles or other fragrances.

Display Your Cosmetics

Of course your dressing table has a practical purpose as well so it needs to be a functional space for displaying and storing cosmetics and accessories.

Busy mornings don’t need to be made more hectic by wasting time searching for the right lipstick or perfume so don’t be afraid to keep your favourite products on display and tuck the rest away in an organised manner.

To avoid your vanity looking cluttered, choose only your most frequently used items to place on the table top. Everything else can be stored away neatly in drawers.

You can collect together a selection of attractive bottles and jars, such as lipsticks, foundation and perfumes, to have on display and use a trinket tray or ring cone to show off your favourite jewellery pieces, creating an effortlessly organised look.

Eye-catching cosmetic brushes can also add an attractive yet practical addition to your dressing table display.

To keep things tidy, add small trays within your drawers to separate items. Try using different trays for eyes, lips and face make-up for example or separate out make-up, moisturisers, hair accessories and jewellery. This will be a godsend in the mad morning rush when you just need to grab what you need and go.

The modern Milan Dressing Table will allow you to get ready in style. Its LED mirror creates a focal point for the room, becoming a destination for your daily skincare routine. The glass table top allows you to see what you have stored in the spacious drawers so you can keep the surface free from unnecessary cosmetics, jewellery and accessories.

As far as bedroom furniture goes, your dressing table is a key focal point for the room so it pays to style it the right way.

With a few carefully selected pieces on display and organised storage within, your vanity unit will both look great and make getting ready a breeze.

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