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Why a modular sofa is perfect for smaller rooms

Why a modular sofa is perfect for smaller rooms

You may be wondering what a modular sofa is. The answer is a sectional sofa that is broken up into individual pieces so that they can be shaped, added to, and moved with total ease, suiting any contemporary home. Out & Out’s new ‘Cloud’ range of modular sofas ensures that investing in lounge furniture no longer means having to commit to one style, shape or size, meaning as you and your home change, so does your sofa. Because this piece of furniture is entirely versatile, it means it’s perfect for smaller spaces, so if this sounds like something that would appeal to you, keep reading.

Creating Various Sofa Arrangements

A modular can be configured as you like, making it ideal for an apartment or a smaller living room. Popular shapes are L-shaped, corner sofa, and U-shaped. For a small space, we suggest going for L-shaped, as this provides the same level of comfort as the other shapes, but it is more compact without feeling cramped. Cosiness and comfort are not compromised with this shape either, as it perfectly allows reclining and lounging. Another benefit of a sectional sofa is that the “L” can be on either the left or right, meaning it can be arranged in multiple ways as you redecorate, move around furniture, or if you move home altogether. We recommend the Cloud Modular Chaise Sofa, which comes with an ottoman to create the L-shape but that can be moved around to fit your needs, or the Cloud L Shaped Modular Sofa, which can be shaped to have one long corner end seat that has a back rest – unlike the Chaise. We suggest opting for the Chaise sofa if you are looking for a more relaxed “daybed” look.

A couch in a roomDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
Cloud - Modular Chaise Sofa - Beige

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Cloud - L Shaped Modular Sofa - Dark Grey Velvet

Manoeuvrable Seating

Whether you live in an apartment and need an easier way to move your new sofa up multiple floors, you’re moving house, or you’re simply transitioning your sofa into a different room, modular seating makes it easy. Each piece can be moved individually meaning they are so much easier to manoeuvre than a full-sized sofa. This uncomplicated way of moving around seating also means that you can painlessly change the look of a room.


Don’t feel limited to putting your sofa in your living room – for example, a sofa can be placed in a conservatory, a garden summer house, a guest room, or a playroom. If you’re moving a modular sofa from the lounge area to a different space, you can remove or add sections in order to adjust to the room, as well as altering the shape altogether. If you live in an open-plan space, and your living room is attached to your dining room, for example, consider using an L-shape or corner sofa to separate the areas. This allows for the benefits of open-plan living combined with the advantage of having detached spaces assigned for doing certain activities – this is especially important whilst working at home, as it can help create a better work-life balance.

In terms of fabrics and colours, the Cloud range offers over 10 beautiful, high-quality fabrics with a range of colours, textures, and finishes. Go bold with turquoise velvet, daring with black, sophisticated with knitted beige, or even mix-and-match the sections’ fabrics and colours to build a fully unique piece of furniture! The Cloud made-to-order sofas are customisable in every way.

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Cloud - Modular Corner Sofa - Turquoise Velvet

It Grows With You

Whether you downsize or move to a bigger home, your modular sofa adjusts to suit you - this is what makes it completely personalised and practical. Don’t worry about having to invest in a new sofa, just add and remove modular elements as and when you need to. If you opt for a sofa with an ottoman, this also doubles up as both a place to rest your feet and an extra seat. As well as this, if for any reason you need to replace a section rather than replacing the entire sofa altogether, this can be done easily and is also more cost effective – an added bonus.

If you’re looking to buy a versatile living room chair for a smaller space that will not jeopardise style and modernity, then look no further than a modular sofa. With Out & Out’s new Cloud range, you can access the “Set Combinations” page, where you can pick and choose from already configured shapes, or the “Cloud Modular Sofas” page), where you can decide on each individual section and create your own shape and size, big or small.

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