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Why your next sofa should be modular

Why your next sofa should be modular

There's no doubt about it; the look of your sofa often defines the look of your living room. A traditional sofa not only signals a considerable investment, but it often dictates the layout of your space for many years ahead. 

Fortunately, now you have options. 

Modular sofas are the most modern and versatile approach to living room furniture. Often referred to as sectional sofas, the adaptable design means you can pull together various pieces to create the ambience and comfortable seating arrangement crave. 

Lounge furniture has never been more flexible than with a modular sofa, but if you're on the fence and can't make a decision, we've pulled together the facts that could help change your mind. 

What Exactly Is a Modular Sofa?

There's nothing worse than spending hours finding the perfect sofa for your newly decorated space, whipping out the measuring tape and realising that it just won't fit. With a modular sofa, you can make the design work around you — rather than the other way round. And you aren't just limited to a couch. 

A modular design comprises several parts that slot together to form either a complete sofa or various seating set-ups around your room. Working with modular lounge furniture, you choose a simple centre seat module with a soft back to slot into that area of the space you just can't fill. Or you could put together a compact 2-seater for you to kick back on after work. Or perhaps arrange an L-shape luxurious chaise that the whole family will want to fight over. 

Cloud - Centre Seat Module - Soft Light Grey

The new Cloud Modular Sofa from Out & Out offers unrivalled comfort and unending flexibility. Stylish by design with a soft cloud-like finish, you'll love sinking into your sofa at the end of every day. Plus, each piece can be moved or transported easily up and down the stairs, which is ideal if you live in a flat or apartment. 

Versatile and Long-Lasting 

Whereas a traditional sofa is rigid by design, a modular set-up can move from room to room or even house to house as your life grows and evolves. If you've always liked the idea of chaise sofas but haven't had space, you can easily assemble and configure the look to create the Cloud look of your dreams. And you can add an ottoman to use as a footrest to further up your relaxation levels!

One of the most appealing things about modular home furniture is how well it works in every room. If you live in a smaller space, you can snugly fit corner sofas in the living room and arrange your other prized pieces around it. If you have a spacious area with lots of room to play with, you can create a larger than average seating area by adding consecutive module elements. 

So, whether you want a cosy loveseat for you and your favourite person or a handful of armchairs scattered around the room, a modular arrangement gives you that flexibility. The Cloud design can grow with you. And remember, you can always add an extra centre seat (rather than spend a fortune on an entirely new sofa) if you need more room to revamp the area. 

Design Your Sofa to Suit Your Space

Made with extra thick cushions that complement almost every kind of decor, the Cloud Set Combinations create a living space that is well-thought-out and super stylish. Mixing and matching as many centre seats as you need alongside a right and left-hand corner end seat, you can quite literally adapt the look of your sofa.

Available in a range of modern hues and chic, durable fabrics, the Cloud fabric sofas offer luxury that's made to last. From velvet sofas to fabrics sofas, there's something on offer to suit your home. Plus, Out & Out's made to order furniture policy helps keep the prices reasonable and the quality excellent. 

Cloud - Modular Chaise Sofa - Black Velvet

Everyone has a preference when it comes to choosing the perfect sofa. You might prefer a design that you can fully recline on, or maybe you want a 3-seater style that's perfect for daytime naps, falling asleep in front of the TV and even a bed for the occasional overnight guest.

If you and your partner have conflicting views on what makes a great sofa, the Cloud Modular Sofa could offer the perfect compromise. When choosing a modular design, the main thing to remember is the control that you have — you get to design the exact look you want. And when it's time to switch things up, the option to do so is always there.

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