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4 clever storage ideas

4 clever storage ideas

Goodbye clutter and hello order. It’s time to streamline your home with the latest range of Out and Out storage solutions.

Think outside the box and get creative with storage to utilise every inch of your space. Industrial shelving and minimalist wardrobes are a great way to keep excess objects at bay. Which can be complimented with mix and match items from our collections.

Let’s look at 4 clever storage ideas

1. Keep your patio area tidy with our new outdoor furniture cushion boxes.

This Copenhagen Rattan Cushion Box is made to protect your cushions throughout the winter or rainy season. Ideal for storage as you switch out different seasonal cushion designs. Made from durable Polyrattan, it’s both waterproof, maintenance free and perfect for the garden or patio space.

This essential item would work well indoors too as a blanket storage box for your cottons and linens. The Polyester lining neatly clips into place, and has a zip fastening and metal hardware, keeping everything dust free. Generously sized, it’s ideal to hide away a few toys, watering cans and other items whilst you are at it. 

This range of boxes makes life easier: The powder coated steel frame is so easy to wipe clean and it conveniently stays open whilst you load and unload your stored goods. Thanks to the foldable arm that props the lid up. These are great if you don’t have a shed but want to make maximum use of your garden space by storing things away out of season.

This ‘espresso bean’ brown colour works against any colour scheme too. As does the lighter beige natural toned Palma Rattan Storage Box. Beautiful for indoor or outdoor storage!

2. Tidy away electronics and accessories on these bookshelves, cabinets, and TV Units

Neatly arrange your DVDs, electronics, and unsightly cables in small boxes. Clear plastic minimalist boxes with labelled contents or rustic wicker baskets, on shelves look beautiful, neat, and tidy.

Designated zones: If every item has a home, it will make storage and maintaining a well-designed home so much easier. Tidy home, tidy mind.

The White Vola TV Unit is a necessary indoor storage item for a clean, tidy, and ordered contemporary living room space. Generously sized at 180cm long, it has plenty of room for storage, whilst creating a focal point and shelving area to display your beautiful books and flowers.

A beautiful, modern bookshelf like the Phoenix Bookshelf will allow you to have all your books on display whilst discreetly storing away any excess items thanks to the two handy narrow cupboards. Sleek and practical, this unit is also available in white, and comes with slimline wooden legs offering additional texture and detail.

It also makes your space look larger, is easy to clean, and shows off more floor space.

3. Side tables and sideboards are a great way to store household items that may be considered an eyesore.

The Memphis White Sideboard with Open Shelves, is 135cm in length and a great stylish multifunctional piece. Wonderful for bedrooms, it would be the perfect solution to create a zen tidy bedside storage space with plenty of surface area to display candles and picture frames

Add a touch of glamour to your home with the Botani Copper Side Table, a fabulous dainty lil tray-style item to display plants and books, and ornaments. Allowing your living room or office to look ordered and polished.

Made using rubberwood, a tropical hardwood resistant to shrinkage and warping, it’s a fantastic ecofriendly sustainable option. If you wanted a small side table with a drawer, check out the Aspen Oak Side Table, which would make a great bedside table or side storage accompaniment to a desk/workspace.

4. Make the most of your wall space

Use the height of your walls to maximise storage space with the elegant oak effect Phantom Tall Oak Storage Cabinet. A great item for all round storage options, for beddings, towels, beauty products or documents.

Measuring 146cm in height, with a width of 53.5cm and depth of 35.5cm, it’s that item you have been waiting for to compliment an awkward narrow space, entryway, or corridor, solving design and storage solutions. Easy to assemble, this would be perfect for a weekend DIY home organisation redesign project. Available in black or white, it will look great anywhere!

The key is to keep it simple. After all, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci

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