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Our top two-toned furniture picks

Our top two-toned furniture picks

Typically, dual-toned furniture pieces are versatile and an all-round perfect staple piece for any interior. They provide dimension and texture and can be used as a technique to both break up a monochromatic space or to tie together two opposing interior styles. So, what defines two-toned furniture? Well, anything that features both a component of a wood stain effect and the appearance of another tone or colour, this could be a black and walnut wood coffee table or a white and pine coloured dining room table. Below is a list of our favourite furniture picks featuring the dual-toned effect. 

Two-Toned Side Tables 

The Brooklyn Black Side Table features a modest and sophisticated design with a harmonising dark walnut coloured wood effect and a matte black colour pallete. The combination of darker tones can create a cosy and intimate interior environment or in opposition to this when paired with a light-coloured room can be a wonderful stand-out feature piece. We suggest using them as bedside tables, paired with a large, white rug, a dark coloured bedspread, some lighter cream pillows and a nice lamp that will make for a warm, romantic space.

If this is not your cup of tea, black and walnut is a killer combination and it works well with many different design styles. You can use the Brooklyn Black Side Tables as a feature piece in an all-white room as well to help break up the colour. 

Two-Toned TV Units 

The Dakota Black Open TV unit is another favourite of ours, also available in white/pine. The black and pine dual-tone combination is a classy and versatile colour palette, suiting many different types of interiors. Pine is very common in Scandinavian designs and has a relaxed, modern feeling associated with its light colour, so it is best paired with décor of a similar goal. We suggest a nice tall vase filled with seasonal, native flowers and a few books scattered around. This furniture item has a wealth of storage for all gadgets with the perfect amount of hidden storage space and open compartments to keep your space clutter-free. 

Two-Toned Sideboards 

Two-tone sideboards can be a great investment in your home as they are the perfect item to break up a room with the added benefit of additional storage. Our Aspen Sideboard is available in both white/black and oak/black colour combinations.  It is the perfect small statement piece featuring a retro-inspired silhouette, adding a timeless charm to any room. We suggest adding a few of your favourite books in one of the compartments, paired with several pots filled with different greenery and a small lamp. 

The Nova White sideboard is another go-to piece that we love as it is the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. The small touches of oak finish are emphasised by the contrast of the crisp white, making the piece stand out from the wall and adding complexity to the room. The two large cupboard doors allow a lot of storage room to hide away clutter and mess and keep your living room look tip-top. Pair this with a vibrant and bright colourful rug and some eye-catching pieces of art to liven up your room and make it ‘pop’.

Two-Toned Shelving Units 

This Dakota Open White shelf is our top pick from our open shelving units. There is ample space in this design to add an abundance of colour or style to any room. The modest design is a classic combination of flair and chic and the different sized compartments enhance the complexity of the design. Available in pine and black and pine and white, this piece can be decorated to suit many different spaces. Add some greenery and a nice large lamp to style and enhance the sophistication and make your room look like it belongs in an interior design magazine. 

Two-tone furniture is perfect for adding character and style to your space. Dress it up with books, throws and art ornaments and you have a stylish bookshelf full of life and colour or keep it simple and add a book or two with a few plants and lamps and it matches any aesthetic.

Shop our website to seek more of our two-tone collection pieces.

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