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Buyer’s Guide to Fabric Swatches

When buying a new sofa, choosing the right fabric can be a tricky decision with a number of considerations from colour to texture and durability. Each fabric has different pros and cons and in this Buyer’s Guide we will talk through each of the fabrics in our collection and what you can expect in terms of characteristics, texture and the colours we have available.


With a permanent on-trend status, velvet fabrics are great for those seeking to create a luxurious and sumptuous space, whether that’s a sofa in the living room or soft furnishings in the bedroom. Not only does velvet look great, it also boasts a silky, soft touch feel which is perfect for cosy evenings on the sofa. 

Thanks to its dense pile, velvet fabrics give depth and tone to any colour but here at Out & Out we have opted for four key shades: grey, black, navy and beige. Grey velvet has become an incredibly popular choice thanks to its chic appeal. For those looking to experiment with darker tones, the depth and texture of velvet gives our black fabric a softened feel, whilst the rich navy shade pairs perfectly with the lavish look of the velvet. If you prefer a more neutral colour palette then our beige shade perfectly complements the fabric’s soft and delicate texture.

If it is well looked after, velvet sofas are a high quality choice which can withstand the test of time. This is particularly due to the fact that velvet is quite a difficult fabric to snag, due to the lack of loose threads. Whilst this may be an attractive benefit if you’ve got pets, it is also worth noting that velvet can be slightly more susceptible to attracting pet hair and dust, which is why it’s important to keep your sofa in good condition and lightly brush it over regularly, or use your hoover’s upholstery attachment on a gentle setting. Velvet can also soak up liquid particularly quickly, so if you spill something on your sofa then be sure to wipe it clean immediately. 

You can also keep your velvet sofa looking neat by making sure that the pile is all facing the same direction using an upholstery brush, or simply by hand.

Smooth Fabrics:

As the name would suggest, these fabrics have a super soft feel and are a great choice for those with sensitive skin. At Out & Out, our smooth fabrics are created using spun polyester, which is made by spinning 100% polyester fibres into yarns.

One of the key characteristics of this fabric is its smooth texture. As a synthetic material, you can expect silky soft fibres which make for optimum comfort and relaxation. Spun polyester also has a high strength and is resistant to shedding, making it a durable choice for sofa fabrics. Whatever colour you choose to go for, you can also rest assured that spun polyester offers high colour retention and resistance to fading. 

The feel of spun polyester is highly comparable to cotton, but with the advantage of a more affordable price tag. It is also wrinkle resistant and allergen free, making it a practical and low maintenance choice. Our sofa collection includes spun polyester sofas in a range of different colours, from soft light grey, which is perfect for those creating a contemporary living space with soft tones. If you want to opt for a slightly darker shade, we also have dark grey and matte black options. Contrastingly, our beige fabric is perfect for timeless, neutral colour palettes. If you want to experiment with colour, our pastel green fabric is a delicate choice which gives the living space a fresh and elegant feel. 

Textured Fabrics:

Adding texture through fabric is sure to bring any interior scheme to life. Opting for a sofa made from textured fabric adds interest to your space, not only in terms of its feel, but the texture also allows depth of colour. Due to their textured finish, they are also often a particularly hardwearing choice which will certainly stand the test of time. As part of our made to order sofa collection, we offer one special textured fabric in a dark grey shade. As well as being an on-trend choice, its colouring also further complements this fabric’s hardwearing properties, making it a foolproof option for those looking for a sturdy sofa for use in the family home.

Knitted Fabrics:

Knitted fabrics are perfect for creating a cosy and inviting living space. Knitted fabrics have good elasticity and great comfort, with a soft texture and good breathability. When opting for a knitted sofa, you can enjoy snug comfort in the winter, but not get too hot during the warmer months. Maintenance is also kept to a minimum , as knitted fabrics are wrinkle-resistant and durable: they will not lose their shape or colour for a very long time. Speaking of colour, at Out & Out, our made to order sofa designs are available in two different knitted fabric options: black and beige. These classic shades are versatile choices which will complement any interior scheme and act as a great centre piece for your living space.​


Leather is another popular choice when it comes to sofas. A particularly low maintenance option, leather sofas can be kept in great condition simply by being wiped down with a mild soap and water solution  to keep them looking good as new. Leather is also a naturally durable material which won’t fray and any scratches can often be taken care of by using leather polish. For this reason, leather sofas can be a good choice if you have children or pets, due to their wipe-clean properties and the fact that they won’t collect pet fur like other fabrics. For regular home cooks, leather sofas also won’t retain odours either.

If you are choosing between a leather or fabric sofa, your decision is likely to ultimately depend on which feel you prefer. Leather sofas offer a smooth, sleek finish, but are more likely to get colder during the winter and hotter during the summer compared to their fabric counterparts. Despite often coming with a larger price tag, they are an extremely hardwearing choice which adds contemporary style to the home.

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