Plastic Dining Chairs

Talisa plastic dining chairs in teal with wooden legs

Our collection of plastic dining chairs come in a range of trendy designs and colours, From classic greys and whites to subtle pops of colour, all of which are made to ensure optimum durability.


One of the key advantages of these chairs is that they can easily be wiped clean, making them an excellent choice for the busy family home.

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Plastic dining chairs needn’t compromise on quality. In fact, they can actually offer you the best of both worlds in terms of style and practicality.

Out & Out’s plastic dining chair collection showcases superb quality chairs, such as our bestselling Talisa chairs which are available in teal, white and grey and include embossed detailing across the chairs’ backs.


For fans of Scandinavian-inspired design, the Amelia bucket chairs are a trendy choice, available in white or grey with a resin shell. One of the best parts of our plastic dining chairs is that they can be quickly and easily wiped clean, making them a great choice for the family home.


Need a little help when it comes to buying a dining table or dining chairs? We've created our very own buyer's guide for you. Check out our buyer's guide to dining chairs here and dining tables.

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