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Morom - Pendant Lamp - Black
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Morom - Pendant Lamp - Black

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We love the pendant lamp (if you didn't already realise) and this large one with black paint detailing is a real catch. It's the perfect designer furniture piece for your home dining set and ideal for an evening of entertaining.

Bamboo is the most sustainable wood species in the world. Interestingly, it's scientifically defined as a grass as it can grow up to 2.5 metres in height in just 24 hours unlike most woods which take years. The fast growing cycle doesn't take away from its durability - far from it. Bamboo in some parts of the world is still used as a scaffolding material in the construction business as an alternative to steel so we are absolutely confident it can handle the rigours of lighting your home.

It's rapid growth pattern creates a vivid and undulating appearance within the wood and with this version we have added a gorgeous black paint housing to give you a contemporary contrast perfect for a modern living space.

Cool and good for mother nature - give us a smile people!

Materials & Dimensions

Diameter 46cm
Height 24.5cm
Natural solid bamboo with black painted detailing.


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Care & Cleaning

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