Neptune - Tall Infrared Panel Heater with WiFi and Towel Rack

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Introducing the Neptune - Tall Infrared Panel Heater with WiFi:

  • Available in two sizes: Compact (500w) measuring W.55 x D.3 x H.80cm and Deluxe (800w) measuring W.55 x D.3 x H.120cm
  • Controlled by WiFi using the TUYA app
  • Integration with voice control assistants
  • Easily wall-mountable with all fixings included
  • Remote startup functionality
  • Automatic overheat protection system
  • Wall mounted
  • Curved, sleek design

Make your home warm and cosy with the help of this stylish, functional, and compact Neptune indoor heater.

With an impressive temperature setting ranging from 10-35°C, this Neptune heater will easily warm the whole room in absolutely no time. Available in two sizes, you can choose the option to best suit your space and still enjoy the same array of high performance features.

Offering ultimate convenience, the Neptune Compact Heater can easily be controlled by WiFi using the TUYA app. This easy to use app integrates with voice control asssistants including Amazon Alexa and Voice Assistant to provide flexible heating control. 

Best of all TUYA supports WiFi networking and app remote control, so you can easily control your heat settings from the comfort of your smartphone. The remote startup functionality enables you to be one step ahead and set the ideal temperature for when you return home. At night you can use the TUYA app or simply the voice control module to easily turn off the devices without needing to get out of bed, what could be better?!

What we love about this indoor heater

This compact heater features advanced technology and can be fully controllable over Wi-Fi via the TUYA app. Additionally, this heater is designed with a protective heating film and safety overheat protection that shuts off when the appliance gets too hot. Aside from being incredibly sleek, this heater can easily be wall mounted to optimise space. 

To uphold the best performance of your indoor heater, we recommend taking note of the Cleaning & Care tab. The Neptune Indoor Heater is also provided with a 12-month constructional warranty.

Care & Cleaning

All of our products are covered by a One Year Structural Guarantee unless otherwise stated. Therefore, if any of our products develop faults during this time, please contact us and we can issue you with a replacement. Exceptions to this guarantee are:

  1. Domestic products used in commercial environments
  2. General Wear and Tear
  3. Faults due to misuse or inappropriate due care

Cleaning & Care Instructions: Indoor Heaters

General Indoor Heater Cleaning & Care Tips:

• This appliance is not intended for use by children or those who need supervision.
• If your heater has feet, ensure that they are attached correctly BEFORE using the heater.
• If freestanding, ensure that the heater is placed on a firm level surface.
• If mounted, ensure that the wall brackets are fitted correctly and the heater is affixed firmly.
• Keep the mains lead away from the hot body of the heater.
• If the mains lead is damaged, it must be replaced in order to avoid a hazard or fire.
• Do NOT touch when the heater is turned on.
• Do NOT use this applicance near any water or position it in a room where water is near.
• Do NOT cover, obstruct or insert any objects into the heat outlet slots of the heater.
• Do NOT cover this applicance at any time or place it close to upholstery or furniture, in order
to avoid a fire hazard.
• Do NOT use the heater in an area where flammable liquids are stored or where flammable
fumes may be present.
• Always unplug the heater when it’s no longer needed any when moving it from one location
to another.
• Cleaning your heater can be done by using a duster or cloth with the appliance turned OFF
and cooled down.
• Store the heater in a dust-free place when not in use.

Maintenance, Cleaning and Care FAQ:

Can I I use an extension cord with my heater?

We suggest that you do not use an extension cord with your heater, due to the risk of overheating.

Is there any general maintenance or cleaning I should do to keep my heater in good condition?

In some instances, the performance and effectiveness of your heater may be impacted due to a
small amount of dirt, residue, or grime. Wipe clean using a damp cloth and air hose to clean off any

Can I dry clothing and other items on my heater?

Our heaters are designed to heat rooms and should not be used as a clothes drying facility. 


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