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Palermo - Deluxe Extendable Dining Set - 6 Seats

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This Palermo Deluxe Extendable Dining Set contains:

- 1 extendable marble-effect dining table (L.200-300cm, W.100cm, H.75cm)
- 6 deluxe stackable dining chairs with textilline seats (L.66cm, W.56.5cm, H.91cm)

Our Palermo Deluxe Extendable Dining Set has an electrostatically powder coated aluminium frame which ensures a durable and weather-resistant finish, whilst the expertly crafted table-top showcases a unique glass-based material with a textured ceramic-look coating. This not only protects the table from the elements, it also creates a luxurious marble-effect finish, without the excessive price tag. We have paired this table with six deluxe dining chairs that offer excellent lumbar support and comfort, thanks to their textilline seats.

What we love about this set:

Add the ultimate centrepiece to your garden with this decadent extendable dining set. The Palermo marble-effect table extends from 200cm-300cm giving ample space for entertaining larger groups, plus with lightweight, stackable chairs you can easily store them once the party's over! Whether you position it on your patio or under a pergola, it is sure to become your garden's ultimate dining destination!

To maintain this deluxe dining set for many years to come, read our Cleaning & Care tab. We also offer a 12-month constructional warranty with this set.

This product requires some minor, easy assembly. For those who are unable or do not wish to assemble their furniture, we offer an assembly service for an additional charge which can be added at checkout.

Care & Cleaning

All of our products are covered by a One Year Structural Guarantee unless otherwise stated. Therefore, if any of our products develop faults during this time, please contact us and we can issue you with a replacement. Exceptions to this guarantee are:

  1. Domestic products used in commercial environments
  2. General Wear and Tear
  3. Faults due to misuse or inappropriate due care

The Do’s and Dont’s of Garden Furniture Assembly:

Please note that we cannot guarantee compensation or refunds for damage incurred as a result of failure to follow these guidelines.

✔ DO assemble your furniture on a grass area where possible. Alternatively, use a clean rug/sheet/drop cloth or even the furniture's cardboard packaging as a protective surface for assembly

✔ DO try to assemble your furniture near to where it will be placed to avoid having to move it too far once it is assembled

✔ DO place your furniture on a flat and even surface to prevent unnecessary stress on the connecting joints

✔ DO regularly check the bolts and re-tighten them if necessary

✖ DON’T assemble your furniture on an abrasive surface, such as gravel or concrete, as even small pieces of grit or debris can mark the furniture's surface

✖ DON’T lean parts against walls or hard surfaces during assembly to avoid the risk of your furniture marking or scratching.

✖ DON’T drag your furniture, as this can damage it. Instead, make sure you get somebody to help you lift your furniture if you need to move it

Cleaning & Care FAQ's:
Can my furniture be left outside year-round?

Whilst aluminium furniture is a popular choice due to its rust-free properties, we always recommend storing your furniture in a garage/shed during the winter. If this isn’t possible, then be sure to use a furniture cover, as this will not only give the furniture added protection from the elements, but also keeps it clean and ready for use in the spring. 

If your furniture is usually positioned on a terrace, be sure to move the furniture and clean the area underneath from time to time and especially before covering your furniture over. Doing this will prevent the build-up of mould or fungi which can cause discolouration of terraces, due to moisture being trapped under surfaces for prolonged periods of time. This does not just apply to our furniture, you should also clean underneath any plant pots or other garden accessories and furniture with closed surfaces as all can discolour terraces and decking, due to a build up of mould over time. 

Do I need to do any regular maintenance on my furniture?

All of our lounge sets have powder coated metal frames to ensure excellent durability and significantly minimise the onset of rusting. However, given the nature of metal as a material, it is possible that some rust spots may appear on the inside of the frame after long term use. Please be assured that such spots are non-visible and do not impact the structural integrity of the furniture in any way. 

In order to further prolong the onset of rusting, we strongly advise against jet washing your furniture with any kind of chemical cleaning solution, as this can accelerate rusting and cause rust water to permeate from the set. Instead, gently clean the set using soapy water and a cloth to wipe down the rattan. Metal garden furniture can be easily cleaned with soapy warm water and a cloth if necessary, but other than that it requires no maintenance. The textiline fabric used on the chairs is also 100% maintenance free.

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