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ScanCom Furniture

ScanCom Furniture

ScanCom is a Danish manufacturer of outdoor furniture and works with a range of materials. What stands ScanCom apart from the rest is their determination to break the glass ceilings in many areas of furniture production. In 2001 ScanCom was the first private organisation to recieve the World Wildlife Fund "Gift to the Earth" Award for their pioneering work with FSC in getting their entire wood supply chain certified from responsibly managed forests. 

As a company, ScanCom recognises that the future of its business depends on a healthy and sustainable environment. Consumers and environmental groups worldwide are concerned about global forest loss. ScanCom understands that forests are the long-term source of the raw material we need and are of critical importance to the people that depend on them for their livelihoods and the rich biodiversity they support.

Out & Out Original and ScanCom have teamed up to deliver a summer collection that is focussed on strong, high quality garden and balcony furniture that uses FSC certified Brasilian Hardwood as its key selling feature. The range has been specially engineered to bring the best value for money to the British consumer but without any compromise to quality.

Visit ScanCom at www.ScanCom.net

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