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WeForest Partnership

Here at Out & Out, we are underpinned by sustainability. Forest conservation must be a cornerstone to furniture manufacturing so we feel it is a priority to set the standards to the industry in ensuring our supply chain is balanced through growing trees and restoring ecosystems around the world. This is why we are proud to be partnering with WeForest to restore and regenerate trees in the Atlantic Forest.

In 2020 we funded the growth of 5,00 trees and we are excited to see this number grow and continue to offer our support to this fantastic project!
What is the Atlantic Forest?

The Atlantic Forest stretches from the state of Rio Grande do Norte to the state of Rio Grande do Sul and is now a forest in name only. 20 years ago, the Atlantic Forest was 6 times the size of the United Kingdom, but since then it has lost over 80% of its original forest cover, largely due to agricultural expansion.

No other large tropical forest ecosystem has suffered as much loss as the Atlantic Forest and it is now one of the most threatened biomes in the world. The forest that remains has been reduced to green fragments, often with great distances between them. As a consequence, many plant and animal species in this biodiversity hotspot are marked as endangered, vulnerable or near threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

How are Out & Out and WeForest helping?
  • The work WeForest does is centred on restoring land and planting trees in the Pontal do Paranapanema region to reconnect these forest patches, creating corridors for animals such as the endangered black lion tamaerin so that they can thrive again.
  • Since 2014, WeForest have restored 862ha (equivilent to over 1,000 football pitches), with almost 1.8 million trees being regenerated, consisting of 125 different species!
  • The project has supported local community nurseries providing employment and benefitted over 840 families involved in: nurseries, planting and replanting, fencing, transportation, maintenance, weeding, training, monitoring, environmental education as well as scientific surveys.
  • Since partnering with WeForest in 2020, Out & Out are excited to continue supporting WeForest in their upcoming activities, including continuing planting, conducting forestry surveys and establishment of private reserves with landowners, alongside development of an agroforestry strategy.

L-R: Young tree seedlings in the nursery | Nursery worker, Maria Regina E. S. | The endangered Black Lion Tamarin | An agroforestry systems whereby coffee cultivations are combined with native trees. 

All images Â© IPE and WeForest

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