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A Buyer's Guide To Storage

A Buyer's Guide To Storage

A Buyer's Guide To Storage

The perfect storage is essential for a clutter-free and organised home, but as well as providing a place for all your stuff, it should also look good. Here’s what you need to know and consider when choosing.


Start by taking a room-by-room approach when you’re planning, as each room in your home has its own storage needs. Consider what you need to tidy away, as well as what you may need to access daily. Also consider the size, shape, and weight of what you need to store too, so the furniture piece you select is up to the job.


You’ll need space for hanging garments as well as storage to fold them flat. Try to avoid more hanging space than you need, as that can create a cramped feeling. Look for a chest of drawers with high-quality runners that’ll work smoothly, as a tussle with a sticky drawer is no fun! If your room is tight on floor space, a narrow chest of drawers can do be multipurpose and used as a bedside table and clothes storage space.


Sideboards are back!

A sideboard is designed to keep all you need close to a dining table, whether it’s in a separate room or part of open-plan living space. They are also a neat way of storing other bits and bobs your living area needs but you do not want on display. Look for both drawer and cupboard space to make the most of your sideboard’s capacity.


With the addition of glass doors and shelving, a display cabinet allows you to show off your most prized possessions without exposing them to dust or the attentions of little ones or pets. Aim to select a generously sized display cabinet that will hold your belongings without crowding or creating an old-fashioned look.


It is worth buying a dedicated stand for your television, as they’re designed to cope with the weight of all your tech and accessories, with ample space to run cables out the back so you don’t end up with an unsightly mess of wires.


Much like display cabinets, open shelving allows you to bring in decorative pieces every room needs, as well as activity essentials, like books and games. For a contemporary look, don’t overcrowd your shelving - discreetly group your essentials so your space has an open, airy feel. It’s important to note that shelving that looks good from either side of the shelf makes a fantastic room divider in an open-plan scheme.


As well as matching what you store, your storage needs to complement your home’s current look and work with the other pieces you have in the room.

Love the look of modern interiors? Opt for storage furniture that makes a statement. Shop for pieces that show off their design credentials rather than blending in.

Want an Industrial loft look? Search for pieces which combine wood with industrial components, such as cast iron and steel. Take a read of our Industrial Buyers Guide for more in-depth advice.

Want pieces that’ll fit in easily? Focus on furniture with sleek lines, simple doorknobs and a wooden or white finish, as these will stand the test of time and is a breeze to combine with your existing pieces.


Wood finishes are immensely sturdy and easy to care for. Keep an eye out for hardwoods, which won’t be damaged by everyday use, or if you prefer furniture with more character, reclaimed timber will look as if it’s been part of your home for decades.

Both are excellent choices if you have little ones too, as they do not heavily show marks. Lacquered finishes look ultra-sleek and modern which will help reflect light around your room. We suggest a premium grade coating for a long-lasting good look.

Go to our shelves and sideboards pages to see the entire range, also visit our Pinterest boards for more design inspo.

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