Here at Out and Out Original, we are underpinned by sustainability and understand that we have a moral and ethical responsibility to do what is right for our furniture makers and also the environment. As we use a lot of natural materials in our furniture designs, we realise it is important that these valuable resources are retained or replenished for current and future generations to love and enjoy. All of our products listed are consciously chosen to fit in with our ethos. 

To deliver our designs, we work in partnership with our manufacturers all over the world to ensure that wherever possible, we use locally sourced materials as well as sustainable and reclaimed wood - in short, this means that we are not going to be cutting down fresh new trees to manufacture your new furniture piece! With our outdoor furniture, we use materials that can stand up to harsh weather conditions such as our teak dining and lounge sets, which have been crafted using FSC eucalyptus hardwood.

With our indoor furniture, we use hard-wearing materials, to allow families the option of using them every day. This lowers the risk of them becoming faulty and also prevents customers from throwing out old furniture before their time. We feel it is a priority to set the standards for the industry in ensuring our supply chain is balanced through growing trees and restoring ecosystems around the world.

At Out and Out Original, we are proud to be partners with non-governmental organisation WeForest and helping them on a mission to restore and regenerate trees in the Atlantic Forest. In 2020 alone, we helped to fund the growth of 5,000 trees! 

Across our indoor and outdoor furniture products, we also encourage sustainability by using plastics that are polyethylene-based or polypropylene-based so they can be recycled and free from toxins. We are conscious about our carbon footprint too. Our plans include offering more recyclable furniture options across our collections, as well as introducing sustainable packaging for our products.

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