Concrete Planters and Pots

Display your house plants and garden plants in style with our exclusive collection of concrete-effect planters and plant pots, covering everything from large plant pots to trendy plant stands.


Already popular in Europe and the USA, Out & Out Original are pleased to be one of the first in the UK to offer these superb quality, contemporary inspired concrete-effect planters and plant pots.

  • Sold Out
    65cm Wide Concrete Planter with Two Sections

    65cm Wide Concrete Planter with Two Sections

    £99.00 Inc. VAT

    This modern concrete planter is a versatile and practical addition to any garden, whether it is placed on the patio or on a decked area. Equally, this planter is also a fantastic option for commercial premises, such as a hotel foyer, outside a...

  • Square Three Tiered Planter - Concrete - 97cm High

    Square Three Tiered Planter - Concrete - 97cm High

    £149.00 Inc. VAT

    This Square Three Tiered Planter is a unique way of displaying flowers and plants, offering practicality and contemporary style. Whether it is placed on the patio, on a decked area or even inside the home, this tiered planter is sure to catch the eye of...

  • Set of 3 Square Concrete Plant Shelf Units 75cm / 97cm / 118cm High

    Set of 3 Square Concrete Plant Shelf Units 75cm / 97cm / 118cm High

    £199.00 Inc. VAT

    This Set of 3 Square Concrete Plant Shelf Units are a modern and distinctive way of showcasing your plants in style. Comprised of a small shelf which measures 24.5x24.5x75.0H(cm) and weighs 5kgs, a medium shelf measuring 33.5x33.5x97.0H(cm) and weighing...

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    90cm High Cement Fibre Planter with Three Sections

    90cm High Cement Fibre Planter with Three Sections

    £199.00 Inc. VAT

    This tall, rectangular planter has three different sections so you can either mix and match what you plant inside, or create a neat and uniform look. Sure to make a statement whether you place it on a patio, decked area or even outside of your front door...

Discover a new and unique collection of planters and plant pots with Out & Out Original’s concrete-effect planter and plant pot collection. This collection uses sandstone, cement fibre and solid concrete to ensure robust, high quality planters and pots which are sure to withstand the demands of outdoor use, year after year. They are also acts as a great insulator, protecting plant's delicate roots from harsh weather conditions. 


This collection is sure to have something for everyone, from outdoor plant pots in classic shapes, right the way through to modern and unique plant stands featuring wooden frames which combine the rustic appeal of wooden planters alongside contemporary concrete-effect for a unique, designer look with a smooth surface finish.


The range includes:

- Tall, tapered plant pots
- Rectangular planters with two/three sections
- Three tiered planters
- Plant stand planters

Concrete-effect acts as a modern alternative to terracotta pots and unlike terracotta pots, our concrete-effect planters and pots also make equally impressive indoor plant pots, with contemporary designs to perfectly complement the modern home. Likewise, concrete-effect planters and pots are also a fantastic choice for commercial premises including hotels, restaurants and shops, thanks to their modern design and robust construction. 

Why not take a look at the collection and display your plants in style!


Need a little help when it comes to buying garden planters and pots? We've created our very own buyer's guide for you. Check out our buyer's guide to finding the right planters and pots here.

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