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30 Day Comfort Trial

All our made to order sofas come with a 30 day comfort trial so if you are unhappy with the comfort of your sofa after 30 days you can return it for a refund. 

See below some Frequently Asked Questions relating to this policy:

Does the 30 day comfort trial apply to all your furniture?

The 30 day comfort trial only applies to made to order sofas and armchairs. Any sofas or armchairs that are on clearance or sale are excluded from the 30 day comfort trial. 


Can I use a discount offer on made to order sofas?

Absolutely! If you are lucky enough to stumble across one of our promotions or discount offers, you can use these against your made to order sofa or armchair. The only exception is if the offer is specific to another furniture category (e.g. sideboards) then you would need to place an order for furniture from that category in order to benefit from the discount. 


How do I arrange a return?

The 30 day comfort trial starts on the day your sofa arrives and ends after 30 calendar days, you then have 5 calendar days to inform us that you would like to action a return on the basis of the 30 day comfort trial. Unfortunately, claims made after this 5 day grace period will not be accepted. Your return request must be sent to us using the 30 Day Comfort Trial Return Form where you would need to upload images of the sofa and note your return reasoning. Please note, sofas must not show signs of negligence or mis-use such as stains, burns, tears to fabric, pen marks or any other damage as a result of a lack of care. In the event the sofa is shown to have signs of mis-use or negligence, there will be further deductions to your refund towards the cost of repair. 


How long will it take to arrange collection?

We will arrange collection of your made to order sofa within 7-10 working days 


What happens to my sofa after its returned?

We repurpose all returned sofas to those in need. This is why we must insist that the sofa is in a reasonable condition and that the reason for returning is purely due to comfort. 


How long will it take to get my refund?

Once the sofa is collected and returned to the warehouse and quality inspected, you're refund will be issued minus a £35 collection charge plus any cost of repairs that need to be done due to mis-use if this is evident on the returned item. A repackaging fee may also be deducted, please see below for further information on this. 


Does the sofa need to be in its original packaging?

In order for you to return a sofa based on the 30 day comfort guarantee, you must ensure that the original packaging has been kept and the sofa is re-packaged using the original packaging. If the original packaging is no longer in your posession due to you disposing of it or it being in an unusable condition, a £45 repackaging fee will be deducted from your refund. 


Can I return my sofa before the 30 day comfort trial is finished?

All our sofas use pocket spring technology and multi-density foam. Over time the sofa will "memorise" your use and seating patterns and over time will settle into a comfort that best compliments you. This is why we insist that the 30 day trial be complete prior to you requesting a return as our sofas tend to become more comfortable as time goes on


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