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A Buyer's Guide to Velvet Sofas

A Buyer's Guide to Velvet Sofas

If you've ever thought about buying a velvet sofa, you might've been put off by the outcry of friends and family — "They're too difficult to maintain!" "They stain so easily." "They wear out super fast." Some even consider them to be old fashioned and too expensive. 

Well, things have changed, and these days, velvet sofas are fast becoming the epitome of chic. But, of course, if you're addicted to Pinterest, you already know this! A contemporary furniture choice that adds a touch of class to every living room, they're surprisingly easy to maintain and will look good for years to come. 

If you're looking to give your space a cosy, modern edge with some velvet lounge furniture, keep reading to discover everything you need to know before you buy. 

Why Choose Velvet Furniture?

Aside from looking super fresh and modern, velvet is a surprisingly good fabric choice for a sofa. A durable fabric that wears well over time, velvet can be cut from wool, silk or artificial materials such as polyester. 

Regardless of the material used, how the velvet is constructed remains the same. First, two lengths of cloth are woven face to face, and the lengths of fibre are stitched from one to the other. Then they are separated, and only the soft nap that's made up of hundreds of tufts of the cut fibre remains. Et voilé — you're left with the soft, warm and sumptuous fibre texture of velvet. 

If you have pets, then a good velvet sofa helps hide any unwanted marks. Velvet is also less likely to snag because there aren't any loose threads or raised weaves. Velvet corner sofas are fantastic if you're working with a slightly larger space, but Velvet 2-seater sofas are ideal if you need something a little smaller. 

If you want somewhere to stretch out and relax, a 3-seater sofa would be the best option. The Out & Out collection features a wide range of squishy sofas that will keep you comfortable and look good all year round. 

What Colour Velvet Sofa Should You Choose?

Colour is always a personal choice, but some colours look even better on a velvet fabric. 

Green Velvet Sofas

When you think of velvet living room furniture, the colour that might initially come to mind is green. A traditional choice with a modern feel, green is a welcoming shade that works beautifully in a neutral room. It also pairs wonderfully with darker soft furnishings such as aubergine or mustard yellow. 

The Guarda 3-seater sofa has a retro vibe, and the turquoise version really makes the style pop. Though the style has a distinctively vintage feel, the modern touches make this the ideal style for any modern or traditional style living room. 

Blue Velvet Sofas

Whether you pick a corner sofa or a chic chaise sofa, blue is a great option. A bold choice that is also one of the easiest colours to work with, blue complements so many other hues perfectly. Blue velvet sofas have only become more popular in recent years, and they can easily become a cool focal point for your room. 

For a thoroughly modern look that also feels super fresh, pair your blue sofa with coral, cream or gold designs. Home furniture in dark wood will give the room an opulent feel, and the blue velvet will provide the space with a lighter, more playful edge. 

Grey Velvet Sofas

The Instagram influencers' favourite and we can see why! A grey velvet sofa has a shine and softness that exudes luxury. If your decor has a monochromatic look and feel, a grey velvet sofa could be the ideal way to add some texture and interest into the space. It will instantly lift a neutral-toned room and give a lively, bright area a calm feel. 

If you want your home furniture to last a long time, the colours grey and grey velvet especially have an enduring look. Add depth to a light room with the Adam L Shaped Chaise Sofa. It's beautiful to relax on, and it's the perfect place for a midday snooze! If you'd rather play with lighter shades, the soft light grey colour will complement most interior designs. 

You can also easily accessorise a grey sofa with splashes of vibrant colour. For example, hot pink looks perfect on grey, and orange will really lift the room's look. 

How to Clean and Maintain a Velvet Sofa 

Generally, all you need to keep your velvet sofa in the best shape is a quick vacuum to remove any loose dirt and dust. You can then brush the velvet in the direction the fibres naturally lie — this will help restore and nourish the nap. But, of course, spills happen — especially if you have children or animals around! 

To clean a spill from your velvet sofa:

1. Carefully blot it with a clean, absorbent cloth. Don't use a rubbing or circular motion — this could make things worse. 

2. Avoid immediately adding water because this can interfere with the velvet's texture.

3. Once the stain has been blotted up, use water to lift it away. 

4. If you're still struggling, pick up a cleaning product that's specially designed for velvet and follow the instructions. 

5. Let it air dry, and you're done. Easy!

Honestly, taking care of a velvet sofa is a lot easier than you might think. 

If you've been admiring velvet sofas on Instagram (and who hasn't), now could be the perfect time to take the plunge and make a purchase. Not only will it look super modern, but the durable fabric means it will last for years to come. 

Pair yours with soft furnishing in an assortment of colours and textures for a lively look, or keep your decor neutral and let your velvet sofa make the most impact.

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