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4 ways to achieve a Scandi style living room 

4 ways to achieve a Scandi style living room 

The Scandinavians do a lot of things well. Hiking, canoeing and kayaking, to name but a few, but it's not just their outdoor pursuits that get the heart racing. Winter 2021 is all about gorgeous Scandinavian interior styling. 

One of the most beautiful things about a Scandinavian interior is the calming effect it can have on the mind, body and soul. It has a distinct unfussy, pared-back, uncluttered feel, and the winning combination of form and function makes for a pleasing and practical interior experience. 

Whether you're doing up your living room or freshening up your indoor furniture to travel to Scandi-land from the comfort of your home, these four tips will help. 

Embrace open plan living 

It is rare to see a Scandi style home filled with clutter and fuss. So if it's a Scandinavian look you're craving, you'll want to introduce clean lines and a minimalist effect into your space. This is not the time for vibrant colours and shelves packed full of trinkets. You'll also want to bring nature into your home to embrace the full effect. 

Most Scandi homes have an inviting, open-plan layout. The kitchen, living room and dining areas create the heart of the house and offer a spacious look and feel. 

Choose the Morom pendant light in white to brighten your living area in an open plan way. The clean white offers a breath of fresh air and a blast of contemporary charm. Good lighting will open up any room, even if it's not open plan. These modern pendant lamps are made from bamboo, which is sustainable and gives a charming natural look. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable woods you can bring into your home. It grows incredibly fast, and processing it has minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystems. 

Think function and style 

If you're decorating with a Scandi spin, your home furniture will always touch a splash of style and a dash of function. The primary purpose of a Scandinavian living space is to help improve your daily life. Every home furniture piece has a purpose and a place. 

Select a good armchair that slots in naturally and will look good paired with a few chosen pieces. The Adam Armchair from Out & Out will increase your comfort level and those all important clean lines. The balance of curved lines against the fluffy cushions makes this the perfect space to curl up with a good book. 

Of course, you need to living area to work with your everyday life. The Phoenix White TV unit is generously sized and is perfect for anyone working with a larger space. It's chic white style will give your home a clean, airy feel, but the storage space will be invaluable to any busy home.

Consider colour 

When aiming for some Scandi decor, a neutral backdrop is the best place to start. Stark white walls are the de rigeur, and a clean, blank canvas will help you make a timeless choice with your furniture. Plus, a neutral backdrop makes it easy for you to change up the look and feel of the space when the mood takes you with soft furnishings and artwork. 

The Dansk oak furniture sideboard has a trendy look with different grey tones and chic shelving. This piece will fit beautifully into any home. The sideboard boasts solid construction thanks to the hardy oak and will give you excellent storage space. 

No home is complete without a coffee table. It pulls together a room and gives you a handy place to perch your essentials. The Dreda White Coffee Table will complement any interior scheme and give it a modern look and feel. It's practical and elegant — making it ideal for a Scandi-style home.  

Keep things comfortable

Just because the Scandi take on interior styling can look sparse, it doesn't mean it's not comfortable. Comfort is integral to the look, and you can achieve this with a cosy sofa in a cool, easy to pair colour. The Stark sofa is light grey, is made for two and will blend seamlessly into your room. 

Pair the stone tone with sage green and other natural-inspired colours for an authentic approach. There is a strong relationship between interiors and the Nordic forests, and you can easily tap into that in your home with the right furniture pieces. 

For an authentic, affordable Nordic vibe, keep your living area free from dust and clutter and introduce materials that look like they've been picked from the great outdoors. 

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