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5 products to add a luxury beach style to your garden

5 products to add a luxury beach style to your garden

Enjoy a back-yard Staycation with a Mediterranean colour palette and a Californian coastline atmosphere with these contemporary and stylish patio sets. Think light, airy spaces canopied to reveal dappled sunlight dispersed across white, cushioned outdoor seating. A beachy back garden is perfect for leisurely lunches, “holiday” reading, and floppy hats. The goal of these tips is to inspire a space that is so relaxing and inviting that you can slip away from everyday life anytime you need a mini break, to the comfort and intimacy of your own back garden.

Skarnes Corner Rattan Lounge Set

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Seating up to 6 people, the Skarnes Lounge Set is ideal for anything from socialising and entertaining, to reclining on a lazy day and enjoying all of the extra space to yourself. With a traditional grey coloured rattan structure and uniquely warm, light grey cushioning, this garden set has the contemporary and comfortable feel that all luxury beach clubs should. Its aluminium frame is lightweight and durable, perfect for outdoor furniture, and the polyspun fabric is protective and appropriate for a variety of weathers. Its light colour scheme and deep, comfy cushions evoke a leisurely atmosphere, whilst also appearing upscale and high-end.

Bari Sun Loungers in Shell White

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If you’re looking to truly capture the beachy, holiday essence, you cannot go wrong with a modern sun lounger set. The Bari set has a clean and beautiful silhouette, encapsulating the infamous Shell White shade that we often recognise in hotter climates. The aluminium frame is powder-coated in white to match the padded cushions, creating a sleek, modern style. Reclining completely flat with 3 adjustable settings, this lounge set reflects a poolside appearance. Soft white is also a timeless shade that seems as though it was born to be paired with natural sunlight, and this neutral colour maximises space whilst adding a glamorous yet minimalist twist.

Montreux 6-Seater Dining Set

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If you’re looking to combine a Mid-Century Modern style with sustainable design, then look no further than the Montreux Dining Set. This set has been created by Lifestyle Garden, a sustainable outdoor living brand who specialise in high quality, long-lasting and environmentally responsible garden furniture. The Montreux combines all-weather cushions with a linen-like texture (a convenient fabric for hot summer days due to its breathability and cool and dry feel) and is designed using Durasin®, a material free from harmful chemicals which can be recycled with zero-waste or damage to the planet. Its oval-shaped table and rounded chairs create a feeling of softness and calm, making it the ultimate beach holiday-inspired dining set. This outdoor furniture piece epitomises simplicity and functionality in its Mid-Century Modern design and is built using clean, smooth lines for a timeless appearance. Because the Montreux has a slightly more rustic look than the other furniture sets, it’s perfect if you’re pining for a slightly more homey, softer beach club style that uses shades of brown, in comparison to the very clean-cut, sandy white style.

Bali Wooden Parasol in Taupe

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The Bali Wooden Parasol comes in a sandy-taupe, ideal if you’re looking to create a resort-inspired appeal. It’s appropriate for protection in all weathers but is especially useful on a particularly sunny day. Big enough to provide shade to multiple people at once, a parasol can be both functional and stylish. The Bali parasol is portable and is made with a high-quality canopy that will not only protect you, but will also protect your lounge or dining set. A parasol is a must-have when it comes to creating a holiday aesthetic.

Set of 2 Concrete Circular Planters

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Measuring at 55cm and 72cm in height, these ultra-modern, solid concrete planters have a luxury look that elevates any beachy garden space. Concrete is a growing trend in Interior Design because of its understated, contemporary style and robust design. As “Soft Industrial” décor becomes popular because of its ability to create feelings of nostalgia along with its ability to add warmth to what are otherwise considered cold materials, concrete appears to be rising as a suitable material for the home. It’s important to remember small details in your outdoor space like these contemporary pots, which will further add a level of elegance due to their tall structure and circular shape. When paired with contrasting and beautifully vibrant flowers, like pink begonias, you continue to enhance the beach club feel.

Don’t limit yourself to just one or two weeks a year away in warm, beach-like surroundings by making the most of your outdoor space using these Staycation tips!

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