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How to choose the best dressing table for your needs

How to choose the best dressing table for your needs

As normality begins to re-enter our lives, and we can once again look forward to events, outings, and perhaps being back in the office, you may be looking for a renewed space to get ready in. This being said, dressing tables are not just for pampering, they can also be used as a storage solution and a furniture focal point in your bedroom or dressing room. Whatever your needs, it’s important to consider both your space and your personal requirements before purchasing any piece of furniture.

Height Measurements

Dressing tables and vanities come in a variety of sizes, so depending on your available space, it is important to consider whether or not you need something more compact, or if you are able to go for a piece that takes up a larger area. In addition to this, your personal height should also come into consideration, so that you are sitting comfortably with the mirror at an appropriate angle.

Our latest range of dressing table products vary between 140cm and 150cm in height and are all 90cm in width (the height measurements include both the table and mirror).

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For a smaller space, we suggest the Blake White Dressing Table and Mirror. Its minimalist, sleek design makes it compact and suitable for almost any size of bedroom or dressing room, meaning it’s perfect for your everyday morning and night-time routines. The Blake comes with a slim mirror, adding to its elegant style, yet despite being one of our more petite dressing tables, it is equipped with a spacious drawer for storage. Functionality and style are truly harmonised in the Blake Dressing Table.


Ensuring you have appropriate and supportive seating whilst sitting at your dressing table is important for your posture and comfort. Again, consider your personal height and the height of your table and mirror, and opt for something that doesn’t compromise style, so that it looks beautiful with your vanity. Don’t feel that your seat has to match the colour and material of the desk, as often mixing and matching this furniture looks stylish and a little quirky.

Storage or No Storage?

Your vanity is a place to hold makeup brushes, hair tools, flowers, books, and more. But if you’re someone who needs extra storage space, then consider how many drawers or shelves underneath you may need. Organise your smaller products like makeup and jewellery with cosmetic organisers and trinket boxes – these things can be stored into the table’s drawers so that the tabletop isn’t cluttered. If you opt for a shelved vanity, this can also be used for practical storage or to simply hold small trailing plants or a framed photograph.

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The Leighton White Dressing Table and Mirror have two roomy drawers for all of your essentials, and its small built-in shelf underneath will help keep your belongings tidy. The white colour and contemporary design ooze simplicity, meaning it should transition smoothly into your space without clashing with other aspects of your interior.


The mirror completes a dressing table – it’s what transforms a desk into a vanity. Dressing tables come with the option of a built-in mirror, but if it comes without, you have the option of a freestanding mirror. The benefits of a built-in mirror are that it will sit in a more stable position, and its design will be aligned with that of the table’s. However, if you purchase a separate, freestanding mirror, it can be moved as and when, meaning you can create more space on the tabletop by removing it – you can therefore use the desk for a multitude of reasons (such as working).

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The Emerson White Dressing Table comes with a generous mirror, making it an eye-catching focal point of any room. Measuring 150cm in height, this modern take on a vanity makes getting ready a pleasure. The large mirror makes a statement without being overwhelming, and it will also reflect your bedroom or dressing room, making it feel more spacious.

Lights or No Lights?

We recommend positioning your dressing table so that it receives as much natural light as possible, because this is the best kind of light to get ready in. Not only does getting ready in the morning in a spot where you can bathe in natural light and sunshine feel great, but it also means that false light won’t disturb your makeup routine. This being said, if your space is dimly lit, or if you’re looking for somewhere particularly glamorous to get ready in during  the evenings, then a mirror with built-in LED lights is perfect.

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Indulge in a luxurious getting ready routine with the Milan Dressing Table. Light up your space with its large LED mirror, and see exactly what is stored in its drawers with the glass tabletop. Not only does the Milan offer a practical storage solution, but its grand appearance makes a statement. The LED light is ideal for applying makeup because LEDs are the next closest thing to natural light, and they will make your skin appear bright and glowing.

Begin to reconnect with your getting ready routine as places reopen and plans can once again be made. Enjoy luxurious morning and night-time skincare routines in front of a beautiful dressing table and use it to help put aside time for yourself every morning and evening. This latest range of Out & Out vanity desks combine sleek and contemporary aesthetic with storage practicality and personal indulgence.

Use this furniture guide to refresh your bedroom or dressing room, by adding a focal point to your space whilst also being a piece that suits you and is comfortable to use.

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