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Buyer's Guide to Metal Garden Furniture

Which Metal Garden Furniture To Buy?

Perfect for patios and terraces and stylish on a lawn, metal garden furniture is a fabulous choice

Metal garden furniture is a great option for every garden because it’ll look good for many years to come, and is easy to care for. There’s a style and a metal that’s ideal for every situation, too.

Types of Metal Garden Furniture

Different metals are used to make garden furniture, and each has distinct qualities.

Aluminium is often used in furniture designs because it’s strong and durable, and it won’t rust or flake when it’s out in the elements.

Despite its strength, it’s a light metal, so your furniture won’t be hard work to move around if you want to position it in or out of the sun, or tidy it away for the winter.

It retains heat, so be aware that if the weather is hot, it’s beneficial to have a design with seat cushions, or one that combines aluminium with another cooler material on the surfaces you’ll touch. Browse our range of aluminium furniture

Patinated zinc looks distinctive with an industrial vibe. The material will age beautifully, creating a unique appearance.

It’s hard wearing and long lasting, making it a great investment. British born designer John Reeves is one of the leaders of this material and designs his outdoor collections with a patinated zinc coating which looks stunning.

Wrought iron furniture is weighty, so you might want to consider it if your garden is exposed as it won’t blow out of position.

However, it’s not the best choice if you need to move it around, or it’s going to sink into the lawn. It can rust, so if you choose it, make sure it has been given an anti-rust treatment, such as powder coating. To prolong its life, it is preferable to store it in a shed, garage or under cover during winter.

Steel furniture falls between aluminium and wrought iron in terms of weight. Like wrought iron, it can rust so it’s often given a powder coating to help protect it.

If the coating is chipped, it will need to be touched up so the bare metal is covered once again. Steel is often positioned quite cheaply in the market due to its propensity to rust, aluminium is considered the premium material which will last several years.

Choose The Right Style and Size

When you’re choosing, you’ll find that metal garden furniture comes in a choice of metal only or metal plus other materials, creating attractive contrast.

Metal only garden furniture can look modern with sleek lines, or have ornate detail. If you have a cottage-style garden, intricate wrought iron designs can be a great complement, while more contemporary pieces suit most types of garden. Do bear in mind the position of your furniture and, if your garden is subject to strong winds, pick the heavier types of metal.

Metal plus other materials creates chic and sophisticated designs and makes the most of the qualities of both the elements used in their construction. Look for combinations such as strong and light aluminium frames for chairs and solid teak which is a premium wood for outdoor as its maintenance free and impervious to wood rot. Our Vintage range is a good example.

For an ultra-stylish finish, our Louis hybrid balcony set teams desirable teak with patinated zinc to striking effect, while the CAS range is made from teak and aluminium plated in zinc.

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Care For Metal Garden Furniture

Use these tips to keep your metal garden furniture looking its best.

  • Clean metal furniture with warm water and mild detergent, and dry it afterwards with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do follow any specific cleaning instructions from your supplier, though.
  • Once you’ve finished using metal garden furniture for the season, bring it under cover, or cover it up in position.
  • Touch up any chips in surface coating with a car paint kit in the appropriate colour.

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