Reversible Outdoor Rug - Grey Chevron - 274 x 400 cm

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Reversible Outdoor Rug - Grey Chevron:

  • Reversible grey chevron design
  • Made from durable plastic, allowing protection against water
  • UV protection
  • Dimensions - W: 274cm X H: 400cm X D: 2cm
  • No assembly required

What we love about this rug:

Elevate your outdoor living with our Grey Chevron Reversible Outdoor Rug. Crafted with durability and style in mind, this rug adds a touch of elegance to any patio or garden.

Its weather-resistant material ensures long-lasting performance, while the trendy chevron pattern brings a modern flair. Plus, with its generous size of 274 x 400 cm, it provides ample coverage for your outdoor space.

Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply enjoying some relaxation time outdoors, this rug is the perfect addition to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and style with our Grey Chevron Reversible Outdoor Rug.

To keep this rug in superb condition, visit the Cleaning & Care tab. To keep your mind at ease, this item is also available with a 12-month constructional warranty.

Care & Cleaning

All of our products are covered by a One Year Structural Guarantee unless otherwise stated. Therefore, if any of our products develop faults during this time, please contact us and we can issue you with a replacement. Exceptions to this guarantee are:

  1. Domestic products used in commercial environments
  2. General Wear and Tear
  3. Faults due to misuse or inappropriate due care

The Do’s and Dont’s of Outdoor Rugs:

Please note that we cannot guarantee compensation or refunds for damage incurred as a result of failure to follow these guidelines.

To prolong the life and condition of your outdoor rug, follow these care instructions.

  • Gently clean with warm soapy water
  • Avoid using harsh chemical cleaning solutions
  • Regularly remove dirt and debris with a broom or vacuum
  • Allow the rug to dry completely before rolling or storing
  • Rotate the rug periodically to ensure even wear
  • Avoid placing heavy furniture directly on the rug, always use furniture pads

Cleaning & Care FAQ's:

  1. Can the outdoor rug be left outside during bad weather?

         We recommend storing the rug indoors during periods of bad weather and winter to prolong its life and condition.

  1. Is the outdoor rug UV resistant?

         Yes, the rug is made of UV resistant plastic, ensuring its durability and resistance to sun damage.

  1. How should I clean the outdoor rug?

         For general maintenance, the rug can be gently cleaned using warm soapy water. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaning solutions as they may damage the rug's material.

  1. Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean the outdoor rug?

         Yes, you can use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt and debris from the rug's surface.

  1. How often should I rotate the outdoor rug?

         It is recommended to periodically rotate the rug to ensure even wear and maintain its appearance.

  1. What precautions should I take to prevent mold or mildew growth?

         Protect the rug from excessive moisture and ensure it dries completely before rolling or storing. Avoid placing the rug in areas prone to high humidity or excessive moisture.

By following these cleaning and care guidelines, you can enjoy the longevity and beauty of your outdoor rug for years to come.

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